OurLeaders.Africa | The What, The How, The Why


The What
OurLeaders.Africa is an online platform where you can track the progress and performance of all political leaders in Nigeria (and subsequently, Africa).

The How
Everything is online. On the platform, people will have full access to the profiles of elected, appointed and upcoming political leaders in Nigeria. These profiles will be updated frequently with their executed projects and you will be given the opportunity to like, rate, and share your opinions on these policies, projects and leaders.

The Why
Evoke better leadership and accountability.

Check out the platform and let me know your thoughts. As you’ll notice, we haven’t launched yet, but you can view a rough draft of the first profile on the site to get an idea of what this is about. Don’t forget to signup for updates.

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Ps. Whereas we plan to go the extra length to accomplish the mission (the why) of this project, this is not a platform to bash nor slander our leaders. It’s to create a constructive dialogue between the people and the leaders.