Open Source Progressive Web Apps With Ionic In Nigeria


So with Progressive Web Apps coming to their own, it is worth knowing that you can develop great PWAs with the Ionic SDK. I invesitigated in this and spoke about this at the Angular UP conference in Tel Aviv last November and will be at the NGVikings conference talking about it in Feb 2017.

I have made all my code open source, and please feel free to contribute on the Github page here

You can find the video to my talk here on Youtube

You can also find slides to the same talk here

Also if you have any Ideas about possible open source projects you want us to collaborate as a community and work on, hit me on twitter let’s get hacking.


Great stuff.
I talked to @saniyusuf some ideas came up:

  1. A music player,
  2. A Digital Catalogue
  3. Personal expenditure recorder (with accounting capabilities)

These are just a few of the stuff we can work on as a community, I would like to know what you guys think, and which one we could start with…