One Bot to rule them ALL


I’ve been nursing this idea for a while so I want to know what Radarians think about it.

Bots are slowly coming on all platforms. I believe the only major platform left is WhatsApp.
So I was thinking whether it would be useful to create a single API to serve bots across all platforms.
Messenger, Twitter, Telegram e.t.c.

The bots themselves may be pretty basic. Mostly listen and reply. But if all end products of a startup can be organized into categories and subcategories, then it would be possible.

Use cases;
On demand services.

Why you may want to use it?

  1. Reach people where they are. It is easier to convince them to send you a message than to download your app
  2. Reach across every device quickly
  3. Don’t worry about keeping up with all the bot code. Just access a single API and select your desired platforms.

What do y’all think?
Would you use it?
Would you integrate it in your startup?
As a dev, would you rather build your bot yourself?


Are you looking at something similar to Chatfuel?


Sort of.
I stumbled upon them earlier and tried to set up a bot. It’s too complicated for what I had in mind.

Chat fuel enables you customize your bot as much as you like for a SPECIFIC platform.

I want something that’s as simple as possible and works across ALL platforms.


Step 1. Set up categories.
Step 2. Set up sub categories if necessary
Step 3. Add items in categories.
Step 4. Connect all your accounts.
Step 5. View you bot on all the platforms.



I believe you’ve been infected by Iyin’s virus. What’s ruling them all again? Let’s be careful of getting things hyperboled. Or Jason’s post on how he thinks bots are the new cool. :slight_smile:


I think they will be very helpful in Nigeria.

I read a post a while back in how we are all targeting the same set of people in Nigeria. The tech savvy people.

What of those that buy a 6 year old second hand Android 4.1 phone who will do a social bundle for less than 500 NGN each month?

We could keep waiting for data prices to come down or we could build bots to serve our value to them within the messaging applications which they are unlikely to leave.

When I thought of this I will admit that WhatsApp would have been the best platform to reach the rest of Nigeria’s smartphone market. But I am not fond of breaking T&C so I’ll settle for FB messenger for now.

If we don’t find a way to reach these people, we keep fight for a small % of Nigerians

This is why I think bots are extremely necessary.

So back to the matter. [quote=“StephenAfamO, post:1, topic:8359”]
What do y’all think?Would you use it?Would you integrate it in your startup?As a dev, would you rather build your bot yourself?


Great idea.

Like having a digital personal assistant (accessible anywhere you go online) that can learn new things and get wiser with age.


That’s another use I had not even considered.

It can also act as your 24/7 salesman who can offer your products and services across all platforms.


This will be good to explore but design is the most important thing One bot to rule them all I think it’s doable


It already exists and It’s free


which one?


Url please