Okada Books


A few things to note…

  1. I am a terrible writer, so biko pardon my writing
  2. I did this to get out of a creative block i had this week
  3. Why okada books? i designed a book cover for one of the of the authors a while back will share at the bottom
  4. this was done in 6 hours, there are 1 billion things wrong with the designs, but i have to actually get back to the real work i was doing before the block interrupted
  5. This is not official
  6. This is a start, i am currently working on the web UI for this will post when i am done. i promise to post more things on here, but the spare time i have i use it to drink beer, but i will do my absolute best to share more often

The idea
a bookmark in circular form, i opted for simple
this was all done in adobe illustrator

if you have any comments/feedback i will appreciate


The book cover

you can see the hi res version here https://www.behance.net/gallery/42182733/The-Fourth-Finger


Is that Opera Mini Logo?


Nice Design and good use of bright colours and legible fonts but the logo does
not communicate! what does Okada brand communicate? what does it stand for?
or represent?, reflect these concepts in your logo. Good work!


Why not tell us what your understanding of the Okada brand is. What do you think of when you hear about Okada books? How does it make you feel? What words do you think of, off the top of your head, when you encounter their brand?
These are valueable data that can help the designer craft a better logo. Just saying this logo doesn’t communicate…isn’t communicating.

Meanwhile, @SignorChuksy, good job. Love the logo and font choice.


Thanks @leslie In my poor humble defense, sorry for not elaborating on the idea i was trying to spare people the long english, my understanding of the brand is that they are the go to guys when it comes books published by Nigerian contemporary authors, and they also help people self publish books under their own brand.

the issues i have with their current brand is that its loo literal, the okada (motocycle logo), its not an issue per say because somebody must have given a brief and for some reason the current one was chosen.

This logo is simply a bookmark ribbon in circular or ringed form, the the ring part has to do with the O in okada or the tyre of the okada itself

if you look at the slide that have the cards and the letterheads you will notice that the the bookmark follows through
the color was chosen to show warmth to draw people in and be inviting, the orange in it depicts intelligence

there is an alternate version but i think its terrible

The part with communicating i think has to go beyond the logo, if i had the time i would like to show the whole thing in its entirety from he logo to the branded okada books reading space , i believe that should help put a lot in perspective

i hope my explanation answers your question, please let me know your thoughts

and sorry for all the lack of punctuation


So you are the one that designed Sally’s book cover that broke the okadabooks record!

Nice one. Let’s talk, we have lots of authors that need help with their book design will love to send some of them your way, we need to make our books look sexier!

PS: We should definitely talk about your graphic designs. Sharing with the team as I type, nice one!


Can I see it?


Let me go a little off point and say Sally is an amazing writer and that’s a great book.

I love the design of the book and your redesign of Okada in general. But a UX/UI redesign is what I believe Okada really really really really needs. :blush:


@ofilispeaks i willl share that soon thanks


oh thanks, i have one in the work… here is a screenshot i had to leav it to get back to stuff i was doing earlier

i hope to finish it one day when i have more time