Offers NG - Introducing The Marketplace for Everyone


Hi Radarians, :blush:
I’ve been a Ghost reader on Radar for a while now and I felt its high time introduced myself and what I’ve been working on these past few months to my egbons in the house so i can learn from the wealth of experiences here (I’m a small boy with little or no real-world experience :innocent:).

Offers NG is a classified ad marketplace that just launched its beta mode in August
I know some would say we have to contend with jumia, jiji , or Olx, who are all deep pockets but we see them as people to learn from rather than competitors and we know we can build off their successes in User acquisition and Social Interaction.(sorry for trailing off, I have difficulties covering my mouth :mask:)

  • To serve people better Since launch we’ve made 3 updates to our UI after reviews from @neoighodaro and other wellwishers.
  • We are also working on Major distinctive features as we’ve had several complaints from people who have said we aren’t doing anything different from our Classified-Family startups(as Many of my Role models and Mark Zuckerberg have also corroborated, “No purposeful idea comes out fully formed, it only gets clearer as they are being worked upon” )
  • We’ve had a hard time converting our social media Followers into sellers on our platform (we have about … ads now)
  • We’ve had issues with marketing strategy both online and offline (we are doing fairly well but we want to grow and we’re open to ideas on what works and what not)
    We also need your reviews both on the Mobile app and The website
    *We also are open to the idea of a mentor who would help steer either me or the coy in the right direction (you doubted when I said I’m a small boy right? :confused:)

Thanks for every second spent reading this! :pray:
Every bit of Advice or review will be taken into account and appreciated.

Adebayo-Oyetoro Anjola
Co-founder`Offers NG :v:


Why another Jiji or olx?
Why should anyone bother about

The Right answers to these questions will solve 60% of your problems.


Thank you so much!

  1. The Market Is too big for only 2 startups to cater for which makes it imperative to help cover the shortfall

  2. Providing a seamless platform for users to buy and sell (

  3. Use of AI to recognize Interests and showing you deals(what and what you’re likely to be interested in)

  4. Making selling to your social network an option for you.

  5. Supporting the Made In Nigeria Industry by giving free premium spots to sellers and giving them high priority in searches

As I pointed out Major Distinctive Features are being Fine tuned.




Dude we need competitors like you) go and prosper and forget naysayers and critics that havent even think of opening a kiosk before.


Nice one…
If i’m to say,
You can get a better logo that describes what your startup is all about…
My5k though


My honest review;

  • I’m a design pelzon so it doesn’t even appeal to me in anyway.
  • I see that the colours in the word ‘OFFERS’ matches with google colours…are you trying to mimic google? why not mimic every aspect so we know you tried
  • No logo, No strong brand identity…when I think OLX, I see their logo in my mind, JIJI nko? same thing. Yours? Google.
  • Like @JoelAmawhe said, why do we need another jiji or olx? Use jumia or konga at a stretch and find ways to make yours a true experience for the king - the customer.

Just saying as a layman though…the 7 year old kid is smarter these days.


@mikeWoka and @Kofacts Thanks for the honest reviews.
Your suggestions will be taken into account and would help us become better,
On why we need another classified ad platform, I feel my reply to @JoelAmawhe does justice to that.
Thanks once again.


Loool … e say na “AI” :smile:




Konga came up to challenge Jumia more or less … I think as much as its important to really be sure you have something to offer or a different approach, Similar platforms can and should be encouraged especially in a Tech environment like Nigeria. Things are still green and Competition (healthy) would only make things better.