Noxiae - A Hotel Review Company


Ever wanted to book a hotel but not sure which one to choose? Or not sure about their amenities?

Noxiae is a hotel review company aimed at aggregating the top hotels in the country in one place, reviews, pictures, amenities and events the hotels have to offer.

Noxiae goes first hand to review these hotels and take pictures, experiential marketing to make sure there is a check and balance with these hospitality facilities, making sure they do as they do in the pictures and advertisement. We also revisit hotels 3-5 months after first engagement to make sure that any changes would be reflected on the site.

You can visit the website here at


Where’s the money? As in who pays your bills? The hotels? Or is this a labour of love?

This is a good start, and I can appreciate the number of hours to get this far. You’ll need to spend quite a few more months of solid work (including visiting hotels) to get some traction.

Are you positioning yourself for acquisition by How would you position your company to add value to them?


We are self funding right now and no, isn’t the goal. We offer a catalog of accurate and unfiltered information that would serve as a database for the hospitality industry in the future


This is just another WordPress installation…

Advice: Collect publicly available data from existing websites (link back if possible), optimize your website for Google search engine, put some Google Adsense adverts, wait for your pay check at the end of the month. Don’t enter the big boys territory unless you have some money to give away.



I would like to know why you said this is just another wordpress installation in that condescending tone, also collecting publicly available data defeats the purpose of being a hands on review company .

Could you please elaborate on the big boys territory?


How is Noxiae pronounced? The name defeats everything: hard to pronounce, contextless


Hello, could you explain what you mean by context less?


Contextless: noun. the parts of a written or spoken statement that precede or follow a specific word or passage, usually influencing its meaning or effect:

In simple English, when i see the word Noxiae, i have no idea what it relates to. i cannot take a wild guess what it means. i become more confused. i cannot spell without having to copy the words.

I found this definition of the name. Noun. noxia f (genitive noxiae); first declension. Hurt, harm, damage, injury. An injurious act, fault, offence, trespass, wrongdoing.

Everything is wrong with the name. and if you cannot see that well…

You are a review startup, take this reviews seriously.