Now that I've joined this awesome community, here's an article I wrote recently about my experience being a Designer and the thing about Lead Roles. Your thoughts?


Hey guys, my name is Kish, I am a product designer.

This is me joining this community after ignoring Radar for so long, not Radar’s fault, but my poor ability to get social online (outside Twitter).

Recently, i switched teams, then spread my mouth about it a bit :grin:

I want to share this with hope of sparking a series of discussions around design teams, designers and tech within Lagos. This can span from we Designers coming together to share insights, get to know each other and even organise events (social co-learning) in the nearest future (e.g Design & Drinks :relaxed:).

Here’s the article (its an 8min read):

“Why I decided to leave a lead role that was more managerial to focus on my core skills”

Cheers guy!

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