Nigerian Zero Commission Fees e-commerce Marketplace, Built by a Prodigy!



My Name is Brian Hamilton, I’m the Founder & CEO of Lockcheap is coming to disrupt the e-commerce industry in Nigeria with its zero commission fees in all categories. Merchants all over the country can list unlimited products for free.

This is my first post in this forum, I have been reading several posts in this forum for over a year now but now I’m here now and I need some honest contributions and feedback on my product. Lockcheap will be launching very soon to all merchants in Nigeria in the coming weeks and I need you guys to give me some feedback on my website, design, UI & UX, navigations e.t.c is 100 percent developed & built by my humble self along side my CTO Edi Peremobowei

Lockcheap will be also rolling out Events & Ticket Sales e-commerce too along side the general merchandise e-commerce

Sell on Lockcheap Page -

Events & Ticket Sales -

Please I need honest reviews, feed backs, and contributions on my website & my product before I launch!



I just went through your link and I have some questions:

  1. What exactly do you want to achieve?

  2. Assuming you clearly have a defined goal in 1 above, how do you intend achieving it?

I await your response, thank you


Thanks for your response. What exactly do Lockcheap want to achieve is basically simple, we are developing a e-commerce platform that have a standard marketplace technology with zero commission fees on sellers. The e-commerce industry in Nigeria have never been friendly to online merchants because most well known online marketplace are imposing extravagant fees on their merchants that sells,

Lockcheap will operate a zero commission fee marketplace for sellers and we will online charge merchants monthly subscription fees, some e-commerce companies are all about creativity; others stress technology. We focus on our business and its multichannel profitability putting our own creative and technical talent at the service of online merchants in Nigeria.


How are you guys planning to make money then?

(And please drop the “teenage prodigy” bit. Except it’s just meant as clickbait. Which still sucks.)


How do you intend to keep merchants on your platform. Seeing as you charge a monthly subscription, the only way I’d stay is if I make enough money via your platform to cover the subscription fee at least. How do you intend to solve for this?


Hello, Thank you for your response, LockCheap Monthly subscription fee is the lowest and the cheapest amongst other e-commerce websites in Nigeria, at NGN800 per month, you can gain access to our merchant account and list unlimited products to sell on our platform, a well known e-commerce in Nigeria named Konga charge there merchants NGN1000 per month to list just 30 products and up to NGN2500 per month to list unlimited products, after a sale is made you’re still charged commission fees of up to 10% of your sales per item and that’s a rip off, LockCheap is redefining e-commerce in Nigeria!


Hello, Thank you for your response, Lockcheap is operating a zero commission fees e-commerce in Nigeria, first of its kind, how are we planning to make money is a major question everyone have been asking me about, Lockcheap haven’t Raised a single fund, and we are not been sponsored by any company or brand for now and it’s developers are working for equity, that’s employee equity. We are going to make money for now by charging our merchants a monthly subscription fees & by seller advertisement banners to our partners!


Many have come and only few have survived.

Eccomerce in Nigeria is bloody. Konga has bled and still bleeds.

Strategy alone is not enough to keep you in the game.

I have just one question. Do you have enough MONEY to last long to execute on your plans? That is how konga and other big names have managed to survive this long.


Hello, Thanks for your reply, enough money to cover up my expenses you mean? Like enough money for marketing, enough money to employ workers and enough money to keep the business and the website running? Lockcheap is a bootstrap but nevertheless we are constantly working forward to raise funds in this early stage of the business. Thanks for your concern.