Hey guys. Anyone here knows how to get access to the NIBSS APIs?


Thread already open here:


Inbox me for access to API.

(I am no longer available for this.)


Yup. I saw that. It didn’t however give me what I seeked. :slight_smile:


Just did. Thank you


just sent you a request for the api.


Hi Akindolu, can you send me the API


hi please i will also be in need of the nibss api, kindly send me the api to :
thanks in anticipation


Hi you please send me the api’s also. Please inbox me:


Please can someone inbox me the api


Please can someone inbox me the NIBSS api…


NIBSS API isn’t public at all. I work with them and I can tell you something: you would need a resident server with a VPN, configured by NIBBS that they will tunnel through.

Also, you would have to sign agreements to that effect and some other things.


You rock…


Hey Guys, can someone email me the link to NIBSS API sandbox to Thanks


Hello Akindolu, Please how can I get the NIBSS API sandbox. Thanks


Haaaa! Are they running covert ops?



I am interested in using their API and set up. How does one go about this?


You need to contact any licensed PSSPs and get endorsed to get such access.