Nairaland to hit 2 million members


Nairaland needs just 266 new user accounts to hit 2 million members!

The 1 million members milestone was in 2013 (I.e it took 8 years starting from 2006). That means it took just 5 years this time.

Comparing that to most tech companies, it would seem slow but NL isn’t run like most tech companies- especially in terms of seeking and taking on investment and focusing heavily on growth (I haven’t heard of any fund raising effort).

The forum has grown consistently at what seems like the founder’s preferred pace and is a great source of entertainment to many.

Kudos Seun!


Is it the largest Nigerian online community?


Yes it is. If there’s any one half the size, I haven’t heard about it.


the guy is obviously not focused on hypergrowth bla bla bla. He just wants something that he can manage alone, make some good money, and still have time for other things. That’s a very logical goal IMO, especially if you know the hell some of these VC startups go through to satisfy investor expectations.


True. But it can be so much more. Yunno


He already has so much more. I like his growth plus he’s been able to manage the business for over a decade with peace of mind. that is an enviable and yet to be attained status by most startups we know.