MyOpinion.NG - Enabling Nigerians share their views about Quality of Service in various MDAs


Prior to this hackathon posted here I once nursed this idea of building a platform that would allow individuals interactively share their views and opinions about Government Policies and their experiences in various MDAs .

So I applied for the hackathon with 3 other friends, proposing the idea as an entry but we didn’t make it in.

Looking for a how to test my web development skills and also being in a dearth of projects (BTW I am still looking for projects) I decided to continue the project alone and take it as a side project while I continued honing my skills. That’s how I came up with MyOpinion.NG.

What would you like to see? What would you like removed? Any ideas you want implemented? Let me know what you think.

P.S Still in testing so a couple of features might not work as intended.
P.S I’m looking for a job or project. I need to be busy. Skill set (PHP, MYSQL, JQUERY, HTML/CSS)



Interesting project.

How fast can you learn other programming languages (py, java etc)


As fast as fast itself. I once tried doing Python. I was building a project with it before my laptop got stolen, so I wouldn’t mind doing anything that would take me back to Python again.


Awesome, looks really good. If you’re still looking for projects, we at Digital Health Nigeria building a crowd-sourced solution for cardiac arrests in hospital. Would love to have your skills on board. Please DM if you’d be interested.


Did you do the frontend designs yourself? I like it.


Yes I did everything. Thanks very much.


@Chrismarcel Excellent UX/UI, Excellent Frontend. Do you know how to use Laravel? Do you also know how to create Progressive Web App (PWA) and Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). If yes please hit me up on


Did you use any tool in designing the UI? Figma, sketch or Fireworks? Or you went straight to HTML/CSS?


I’m currently trying Laravel out, I wouldn’t mind joining a team to better my skills. As for the other technologies you mentioned, I’ve not tried them out.


None actually, although I made a sketch with pen and paper, structuring the layout and flow. I had to look at a couple of social feeds out there especially their mobile apps - 9gag, Reddit, Quora, checked out some designs on Pinterest too. That’s how I built up my idea for the UI.


Prior to the same hackathon i built a robust solution similar to this but i have been keeping it up to date lately. Site a backend that lets all MDAs manage their issues. site is at and it sends a mail directly to the email of the agency involved. Its worth viewing.


good UI though, i must say. When i started my project i intended to write some python scripts to scrap the internet especially twitter and some major newspapers for vital feeds.most of those important feeds are buried on twitter daily. i believe if you can crowdsource for more users and find a way to increase posts and engaging conversations, its possible. Let me know what tech stack you use.


looks more like a blog…guess it still in progress.


U can join our team in January. Pls send me ur CV on


Alright, I will do just that. Thanks.


Thanks, I’d look into everything you stated above. I used PHP for the backend, Jquery and Bootstrap for the front end.


Kudos bro. This is great.