My QuickBooks clients need a payroll software


We are in urgent of a payroll software provider who will partner with - Our platform ranks for relevant payroll related searches online with proven leads.

Drop your payroll software website link, we will call you, review your payroll applications if it suits local tax law and list on our platform (under recommended payroll software companies) for referrals.


Hi Ogechi,

I just happened to visit this site after a long while and your post was the first I saw. Yes, we have an HR software application optimised specially for the Nigerian market (EasyWare Human Resource Manager) and, yes, we are looking for reliable partners in Nigeria, to work with.

This is the link to our web site: Feel free to download and play with our software and if you require further details, drop me a note.





I will look at your platform and get backā€¦here is my question, do you have an export feature on your application?