Megabet - Online Betting/Gaming/Casino As A Startup


Hi Everyone,

my name is Johnny, and I am a product specialist at Megabet -

We are an online betting/gaming service that has tried to leverage on the most innovative support service providers in the Nigerian tech scene, with the ultimate goal of creating the best product in our industry.

Most betting services in Nigeria work just fine

  • They provide a functional product (or two), and they pay you if you win.
  • They understand the realities of the Nigerian market, so they keep things simple, very simple.
  • Their target market is the mass market, so their website is optimized for mobile phones with the slowest data in the world.

Megabet, on the other hand, has decided to go the extra mile

  • we provide a more sophisticated betting, at the risk of excluding those with dumb phones and poor data speeds
  • we provide Android and iOS apps
  • we provide more sophisticated betting services such as Poker, Draughts, Live Casino, Binary Options, etc
  • we provide instant payout service using Flutterwave
  • we are working on separate iOS and Android apps for Casino, Live Casino, and Poker

We would really like to get your opinion on our product. You can find some of the links below

We have worked with Flutterwave, GTBank, and Interswitch for payment. And even though we have not completed payment on the apps just yet (still working on them), we believe we have the best payment solutions for any betting/gaming service in Nigeria.

Right now you can fund your account via Gtbank 737, or via Flutterwave’s Ravepay channels, and also via interswitch channels. (Our preferred channels are Flutterwave and GTBank.) If you are curious to see how Flutterwave’s new payment solutions - RAVE - works, then you can test it out on our mobile website or main website. It allows you pay via bank card, or using your bank account directly on the interface.

We have also taken a huge gamble (pardon the pun) on Skills games, especially Poker and Draughts. We believe there is a sizable Poker playing community in Nigeria, but that they simply have no where to play. So we incorporated the Poker platform, and also hooked up to an international Poker network, where you can play (and you only need to fund your account in Naira).

We have other exotic games, such as Belote and Draughts. Draughts is particularly popular in Nigeria, so we are hoping there will be a lot of bragging rights to be had when you beat others. Essentially, we have introduced the first Peer-to-Peer betting service in Nigeria, where you are not betting against the house, but against your friends or strangers.

We are very eager for some feedback. Thanks


Welcome to the club…


Not sure what club you are referring to, but thanks :slight_smile:


For anyone curious to see how some parts of the service works. The video below demos the Live Casino


Hi Johnny, I work with Flutterwave’s communications team and I’m excited to see that you are using Rave and recommending it as a payment option for your customers.

Do you have a contact email I can reach you on? I’m working on merchant case studies and I’d like to chat with you about how we are helping Megabet be the best gaming service in the market :slight_smile:


@ Koromone

Please see your private message for email contact.