Meet Solatrify, a startup fixing the broken solar distribution chain in sub-Saharan Africa


Some of the factors that will hurt the wide adoption of solar energy in sub-Saharan Africa and Nigeria as a focal point is the high rate of the distribution of poor/substandard solar equipment (Inverters, solar panels, batteries, controllers, mounting kits etc) in the market with not enough government regulations on standard especially in Alaba international market which is presumably the biggest solar market in West-Africa and also the influx of unprofessional installers handling this equipment which the outcome of these factors could damage the entire solar ecosystem and makes the end-user becoming less confident with solar as their preferred choice of energy.

To make solar work we have to start by getting the distribution right then move to ensure the right people (Installers, solar dealers & project contractors, etc.) are installing solar energy systems on our roof and to provide enabling environment for them to accelerate growth for their business.

We can’t wait for the government to do all for us. This is why I established Solatrify (The value-added solar distribution company) to be operational by mid-September with a passionate team committed to providing a robust web & mobile procurement platform for the growing network of local solar dealers, installers and project contractors in sub-Saharan Africa that can have access top quality solar equipment from our (vetted) solar manufacturing partners at the same wholesales price coupled without value-added services (business support & financing mechanism).

We would currently be the only solar distributors in Sub-Saharan Africa going the extra mile by combining (technology , people & process) to ensure we solve the bottlenecks the installers & solar dealers are facing because we believe they hold the key to unlock the growth of the solar industry and control largely 70% of the solar energy market.

We are opening our 1st Solatrify Experience Hub at Alaba this month to pilot our business model and expand to other states by next year.

Experience Hub is where we sign-up and educate local solar installers & dealers in Nigeria on the importance of purchasing quality solar equipment before they have access to wholesale prices from our verified solar manufacturing partners and as well enjoy our business support (assigned account managers, customer leads, customized marketing & promotion) and finance mechanism.

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A really nice idea, particularly the approach of using a store right in the middle of your customers as your customer acquisition strategy.

I haven’t checked the product out and I may not be able to because of the long form it shows I have to fill to become a dealer on your site, but the overall idea and execution look good (your site might need a little adjustment though).

I would suggest adding a Telegram bot, a WhatsApp Business integration and a Facebook bot (Messenger bot) as part of the platform because most of your users are already on these platforms and downloading your app may not mean they will use it as you would be fighting for presence of mind with the apps I mentioned above.

This article by Yiibu would help show more light as to why a WhatsApp integration or Messenger bot will be a better solution to engage your users.


@sprime sorry for the experience. we have taken your observation.

The long forms are very important to meet our dealership agreement which will get solar dealers the access to purchase solar products at the confidential wholesale price from our (vetted) suppliers.

We will consider using a bot as you suggested to make it easier for people to fill out the forms. thnks for the article link.

Thank you for your feedback,