Meet Lara: Your automated directions Assistant


This is a great app.

Note down the complaints and issues and take it one step at a time.

Whatsapp didn’t bring us voice calls in 2011 even though we needed it back then.

Take your time and grow gradually.

Also, find a way to monetize.

1.) Since its free, how do you get a lot of people to use it? Say, daily commuters (BRT ads and Facebook (specific location ads that Lara handles) is a smart way to go.

2.) How about having offline stores in specific areas list their products and get found by commuters. (E.g - moving from Yaba to Surulere. HINT: There is a great restaurant with Wi-Fi around Adeniran Ogunsanya where you can hang out while you’re in Surulere.

Just my thoughts but I think you have a great product. Take your time to grow it.


bros… i dey feel you oh… i just dropped out to apply at andela… am super excited about this


they are already doing that… i noticed it below the direction


Hey @Izzi

Really? Strange… Thanks for the feedback man!.
Already looking into that. In the interim, could you try using another browser other than chrome?

Already responded to your Linkedin IMs.

Cheers :+1:


Thanks @Jimi Very well thought out feedback: :+1:

You’re right, Lara can offer location based ads by driving foot traffic to offline stores. We have heard potential customers tell us this will be of tremendous value to them. It’s in the works.

For the early stages though, we’re focussing on the startup community, as early adopters as you must’ve seen with the ads already displayed in her responses.

For startups/early stage online businesses interested in showing their ads on Lara, you can send your request to Rates have been adjusted to suit the conservative startup budget.


Lara appreciates the feedback :slight_smile:
Do share Lara with friends. She learns with every new interaction she gets.

You should try sending her smileys - Lara likes to make faces with users.


@Lordbanks is spot on. Lara is built primarily for pedestrians.

You guessed right, there’s a map tool for drivers on Lara’s predecessor:
Lara gets that question a lot so she has an answer for it. You can ask her that question: “What if I’m driving?” See what she says. :slight_smile:


Lara & her parents wish you best of luck in your application.
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Dropped out of where?


Nice but this looks like something that rides on Google Transit API, so I don’t really see a competition with Google in anyway, but innovative non-the-less.

Good job :slight_smile: