Meet Lara: Your automated directions Assistant


Don’t you see you’re spending too much time explaining it’s extra features on here? You need to build them into your interface. For instance, the idea of adding to home screen… You don’t need to worry about that. Just make it a proper PWA and Chrome will prompt users at a point.


Somehow I disagree with these suggestions. The app is for short-distance (?) Directions. Keep it that way. Personally, I would be annoyed if I was going to Yaba (with a purpose in mind, of course), and you started showing me things around Yaba. I just want to get to my meeting, period. But then, that’s just me. @oreeh


It about having fun and making the app interesting to get directions only google maps is okay.
Though I am not sure how google maps works in Nigeria though

The way you design the app is what is important so as to accommodate the user need


It will be very had to describe what the app has actually solved as opposed to other apps.


I’m guessing this bot is a spinoff from your earlier project? Can’t remember the name now


Lol. @Diakon You’re right, we also have a goal of getting users what they need quickly. When you’re on the bus and you need to figure out which bus stop to get off at, the last thing you need is noise or delays. So the challenge then becomes, how can we get you what you need quickly, but still engage our users so they get more from the interaction with Lara.

To your suggestion to make those back and forth interactions, we tried that in our beta phase with mixed results. Some users wanted the back and forth banter, usually the trolling Lara type: “Where are you coming from”, ok, “where are you going to?”. But the more need-driven users, always wanted to get to the directions very quickly, which is what informed us pursuing this direction.

Ultimately, the users will guide which direction we go in, and we are constantly testing new responses or prompts to get more interaction from our users.

As always, great feedback!


The conundrum of answering that nagging question: How much time is too much time explaining your product to users, right? Tough one.

“Adding to your home screen” function is actually built into the interface: When you click on the menu at the top right, it prompts a message relating to that. Do check it out when you have the chance. To your point, though it’s our job to evangelise what lara can do when we get the chance, Lara has to do the job herself for the most part. Great feedback as always!


Thanks for voicing your opinion regarding next directions for Lara: @jamesorior & @Diakon.

As you can imagine, this isn’t the first and it’s definitely not the last time we’ll get the recommendation to make Lara a “What’s happening in your area” bot.

Lara’s primary focus for now is to get directions right, and become pretty good at that. Your feedback has been super helpful in helping her do that. What other functionalities get added on, will be based primarily on what her target users are asking for.

However, we’ll say that the event recommendation space is getting quite a bit of attention already, there may be an option for a partnership of sorts to make that happen. Lara is open to that, and interested parties can reach

-about monetizing, Lara provides businesses the opportunity to drive foot traffic to their store fronts with location based ads. Some folks have benefitted from it already, and others have signed up to do so. A sign-up dashboard for ad placements is in the works. Those interested in that can reach out in the above email too.

-Yes. Lara gives directions, same as ( But a lot of folks seem to enjoy asking others for directions, so Lara simply replicates that interaction, with greater accuracy and more detail.


Cool just keep it up and work on the UX very critical


As someone who’s extensively jumped bus in Lagos, this is brilliant! Tested it across routes I would take and it did quite well. It does miss some alternative means of transport other than taxis, which could save time. Say going from Obalende to Parkview. There’s no need to take a taxi for N100, as kekes and buses can get you there for N50. Overall, clean interface and very well done. Look forward to see Lara get smarter!


Hey :sunglasses: @ChubaEzeks

It’s always great to receive insightful feedback from your user archetype.
We look forward to receiving feedback like this, by the way here is a form for dropping Feedback.

Eventually, Lara will get this feedback from users through interactions.

Lara is getting smarter everyday thanks to input from guys like you :+1: .

Thanks man!


@oreeh Nice work. What if you break it down;
Start by,

  1. {Lara} Hey welcome, please let me know where you are right now (exact location),
    {User writes} Location
  2. {Lara}And where are you heading to?
    {User responds}

This will help remove doubling back, say I’m at Guinness, Agege, Lagos heading to Eko Hotels Victoria Island.

Brilliant work on intent


Hey @olaoye Great Feedback :slight_smile:.

The merit of your suggestion is that it reduces instances where users input incorrect entries. However, from testing that interaction in our test phase, we received a lot of feedback from users that they would prefer to “Get Directions” asap. Waiting for Lara prompts seemed to allow for delays that your typical on-the-go commuter does not have time for.

Also, testing has shown that users prefer a fluid life-like interaction between themselves and Lara, as you would with a friend, which is why the UX is themed as is.

Did you know Lara can figure out your exact location when you press this button: “Location button”
Then all you have to do is enter your “TO” location to get directions. This achieves the same goal in your suggestion, removes the doubling back. Test it out!

Thanks again.


@jamesorior you can type!. There is a tiny little box at the bottom!


This is a great job! Keep it up …


Thanks for the positive feedback @folusoadegoke & @giokobani.

She’s getting better everyday, and shortly you’ll learn about her new abilities.
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Nice app, smooth and works very well. It’ll only get better. Good job!

GPS doesn’t seem to work for me. I’ve granted chrome permission from my settings, but I still keep getting the error

I left you messages on linkedIn, please respond


:scream: You are the best bro. Keep it up


This is a great app using it already sef… But but it doesn’t really care if ure driving a car or is there a map version.


I think it was designed for pedestrians, not drivers. Google maps works great if you’re driving. Just use your Lagos sense and don’t “follow” one-way.