I’ve had this crazy idea for years and it keeps popping up in my head. Thought I’d share it here you know what they say about ideas shared

It’s a unified loyalty credit system popularly known as “loyalty card” points get accumulated as you buy or pay for goods or services.

The Idea: One platform that would unify customers loyalty points so customers can use this points or credit to buy or pay for anything with any of our supported vendors , say if you buy from Konga, jumia and Domino’s pizza you get loyalty points but instead of using it in just Konga or Domino’s with “loyaltyPay” you can actually use it to buy goods or pay for services at Amazon😆.

The idea came about when I was shopping and decided to use my loyalty card points as I’ve been using it for some time and didnt have enough cash on me only to find out that somehow the information has been wiped including previous point I had accumulated could be a glitch with their db I dunno. Then I thought about unifying the process in the cloud to a point when I wouldn’t even need a card anymore just my email or phone number and passcode as unique ID.

That’s the idea.


This is an idea, not a product, so I’m moving it out of the products category.


I built it last month… https://kashloyalty.com