Looking for a Reliable Nigerian HR/Payroll Software


I’m looking for a reliable Nigerian HR/Payroll software (cloud) that specifically offers the following:

  • Customizable pay schedule for different types of staff (i.e. part time, full time, contractors)

  • Customizable pay slip with deductions, tax, etc.

  • Employee access for expense reporting

  • Expense reimbursement

  • Other standard HR/Payroll software features

Any suggestions?


There’s @akindolu’s Revova and @ChikaUwazie’s TalentBase


add @lanreezy https://payrollplus.co


@gabe Thanks but Revova’s website isn’t working.

@wkyo I will try Payrollplus. Have you used them before?


Yo @akindolu, might want to jump in here. Revova.io is apparently down?


@gabe Last time I talked with @akindolu , He’s reworking the idea to something else


@PinkEngr You should check out Pay by Verifi http://verifi.ng/pay/


Nope. So proceed with caution, but the owners are running
one of the leading co in Nigeria. So i expect :fire: from them


My dear why not try a Bespoke application which if even far much cheaper. We adopted one for my coy, its really cool.

I will be glad to assist. . .


Hello PinkEngr,

I have just seen your post, as I get an update only once a week. I am sure our software is exactly what you need. We are happy to give you access to our cloud services for free for a several months before you decide whehter you would like to use us. Please see out info, below:

Introduction to EasyWare (UK/Nigeria) Ltd
EasyWare is a UK-based software company run by software professionals of Nigerian origin. We have recently created a Nigerian branch of the company, with the aim of building easy-to-use and affordable business and consumer software targeted at Africa. EasyWare builds powerful, functional yet easy to use software; software systems that would help to cut the cost and increase productivity of small, medium or large organisations.

Product: EasyWare Human Resource Manager (HRM)
EasyWare Human resource manager is a powerful software application that enables companies and organisations of all sizes to easily manage their burdensome and labour-intensive HR and payroll systems. There are three versions of the software:

Migrating Customer Data
One of the main issues that organisations face when taking up a new HR software product is the problems, costs and pitfalls involved with transferring existing staff data to the new system. We are happy to migrate your existing electronic data to our system for free. This promise is subject to data being in a good/usable format. This does not cover the transfer of paper records onto the system.

Software Customisation
Unlike our Nigerian-based competitors who largely use software licensed from foreign organisations, EasyWare owns and controls 100% of its source code. This means that we can easily and quickly modify the software accordingly, if the client requires important but non-standard functionality.

Evaluate our HR software:
(1) Download links and General information: http://www.easyware-ng.com/human_resources.php
(For HRM Managed, after you create an employee, the employee can access his/her details and other HR modules by visiting: http://www.samplehrm.easyware-ng.com)

(2) Installation instructions:
Download and double-click the above file(s). Follow the simple installation instructions. After downloading, double-click the 'EasyWare HRM ’ icon on your desktop.

(3) Quick Start Guide
You may want to read the ‘Quick Start Guide’. From the menu, Go to: Help -> Quick Start Guide (or you may view it online at: http://www.easyware-ng.com/downloads/help/quickstart/quickstart.html)

(4) Video tutorial
For a more detailed guide, please see out video tutorial here: http://www.easyware.co.uk/hr/hrm_videotutorials.php


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