Listen and Download Songs for Free,Online


If you’ve downloaded songs from the likes of mp3skull, you should know how frustrating it can be, especially with all the ads and the likes.
I present to you Mp3Horse, With Mp3horse, you can download any song at all without any seeing any single pop up ad or the like.
It also has a feature that allows you listen to songs on the fly without downloading, all for free…
To checkit out, visit
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Is this legal?


Tried it today and it worked seamlessly, but @Ari_Biton has asked a valid question.


Actually, we don’t upload songs, it only gets data from youtube.
I guess the dmca and terms of service has a detailed explanation on what happens.


So like BeeMP3, which also isn’t really legal. Curious, how do you plan to monetize this without issues? Can’t use adsense.


this isn’t legal


Didn’t plan to monetize it.
Built it for personal reasons, and decided to make it open for public to use too.


Fair enough.


I have a similar technology Was just wondering if the virtual lawyers here have gone through free music streaming platforms term of use, especially the distribution clause. Its a music search engine and none of the songs are stored on any servers. If you find any results that your can prove rights to, you can contact the web admin to take it down.


By the way, Just checked out your site… it’s awesome… the color combo is sleek.


Thanks for this, but there are lot of gospel music download blogs already in Nigeria. Thanks