Let's help you get a job!


We have gotten over 2000 applications from some of the smartest people who genuinely wants to work with us since the last 6 months.

But the painful truth is that we can’t take more than we need per time…Honestly I wish I can…

It breaks my heart to see a young and enteprising man or woman not gainfully employed.

The stories of multiple applications with no success abound and it’s worrisome…

Does it mean there are no jobs? I don’t think so…

I think its an issue with non-employability than non-employment…there are jobs, believe me.

Most people seeking for jobs are yet to understand the little things that matter…

There are little details employers look out for that can make or mar your chances of landing the job.

You might be smart, but that’s not enough…

My career brings me close to top recruiters and managers and I have come to understand these little things that matter.

So I want to help you increase your chances of getting your dream job…

I will work with your from point zero till you get a call for interview…

Part of what I will do will be to:

–Review and edit your Cv, to make it standard
–Review and edit your linkedin profile to help you connect with the right people
–Then I search for new job openings and positions according to your specifications and apply to them online and send your resume to each employer

Most of my few clients have high success rates in getting interviews from all the positions I apply for.Please note that my job is to make sure you get that all important call back for interview; whatever happens after then is up to you and the discretion of the hiring organization.

It’s not a free service but I will charge you for my time, internet and guaranteed job contacts depending on your details. No fixed price. I must go through your demands before I send you a personalized quote.

Let me be your job seeker! Tell me about your yourself here


I like your concept here.
There’s one thing though, many of the people out there are looking for “any job” to start with.
How do you deal with that?


One can start with “any job” but won’t definitely settle for that forever…So while they are there, we can help you get a better job!


Well can I talk to you futher on WhatsApp and what’s your location