Learn For Free With Frintern: Learn Tech and Business Career Skills for Free in Days



Imagine being able to learn any career skill the way you would cook food — by following a set of steps in a recipe cookbook. Frintern is the career accelerator that helps you learn career skills using mental models for free.

Mental models are your thought processes about how things work in the real world. By creating learning experiences that teach career skills using mental models, we have found people learn career skills like design, project management and growth marketing in hours.

We are using these learning experiences to close the skill gap. Making it as easy as possible for learners to become proficient.

The learning experience is personalised and tailored to your interests. On Frintern, you can choose to learn at your own pace or sign up for our Learning Labs. Our Learning Labs let you learn the skill that best suits you in days.

To sign up for our Learning Labs, follow these steps:

  1. Click this link to access the Career Fit quiz,
  2. Answer the quiz,
  3. Get to see your Career Fit,
  4. Sign up for our Learning Labs by entering your details on the form at the bottom of the page.

You can only sign up for our Learning Labs immediately after finding your Career Fit. Doing so saves your Career Fit and generates your Learning Profile. We use your Learning Profile to create the best learning experience for you.

Learning Labs are time-based, and as such you have to be online and available for the Labs at the time we all agree. The Learning Labs hold in our online community which you get an invite to once you’ve signed up. And like our previous workshops, these Labs are enjoyable and very engaging. We doubt you would want to miss them.

Also, you can attend and go through these Labs without a laptop/computer.

All you need for a Learning Lab is:

  • working internet connection :signal_strength:,
  • smartphone (with a working camera) :iphone:,
  • laptop/computer :computer: (if you don’t have one, that’s fine :wink:),
  • Biro/pencil :writing_hand:️,
  • some sheets of paper or a notebook :spiral_notepad:️,
  • an open mind with a willingness to learn :smiley:,
  • and a few hours of your time :hourglass_flowing_sand:.

And you get to learn career skills like:

  • Design (UI/UX Design and Graphics Design),
  • Management (Community Management and Project Management),
  • Marketing (Digital Marketing and Growth Marketing),
  • and Software Development (Front-End Web Development and Back-End Web Development).

We are running this program to make sure everyone gets a chance to create the life they want. If you are tired of paying to learn career skills and want something fun, fast and free, sign up for our Learning Labs!

For more on what Frintern is, read this post.

You can reply to this post if you have any questions :slightly_smiling_face:.


Interesting initiative. I took the Getting Started quiz and was impressed with the feedback. The best fit recommended for me were;

  1. Front End Development
  2. Back End Development
  3. Digital Marketing

The results are accurate because the recommended fits all happens to be my expertise at the moment. I also intend to take most courses to serve as refreshers advantage. There’s always something new to learn.

I however have some concerns and recommended fix.

  1. After the completed quiz and recommendations given, it would be best for a person to be immediately referred to Create an account. The process seemed tricky at first because it skipped my mind I had not created and account, yet I was struggling to login with an assumed credential. :rofl:

Also, the developers should implement a form response because the login form kept on loading instead of nudging me to create an account.

  1. Furthermore, whether logged in or not, i don’t think it’s wise to allow users to be able to edit the resources and documentation as seen below.

Overall. AWESOME.


Wow! Thank you for this feedback :ok_hand:t5::bowing_man:t5:‍♂️ very detailed.

Your fit says you’d do well with skills that require analysis. Data Management would also be a skill you would do well. On the mext version we hope to be more precise and show you the 1 skill that would suit you best based off your interests.

It’s awesome you are still going to go through some of the guides :clap:t5:, would you mind sharing feedback on how the experience was? You can also sign-up for our Learning Labs to join a community of other learners who would cheer and ginger you to learn.

We wanted people to focus on learning and not bother about sign-ups and the rest. As you learn with the site, it would prompt you to sign-up or login.

Instead of login, we are looking to track other metrics that show learning has happened. But to sign-up/login login just tap the mark as done ✅ button under one of the guides once you’re done with that page.

Also, each of the apps on the platform offer a different experience. Most people after the Pathfinder want to learn that skill so they can either access guides for free to help them do so or sign-up for our Learning Labs.

If they want to learn on their own, they can go through the guides and the Skill Guides app would let them enjoy the experience, no need to sign-up, it is free. If they need/want to track their learning, then they sign-up. We are still building out the system that would allow them not sign-up when they want to track their progress.

To sign-up/login, mark a guide as done. The button is just beside the edit button. But we will definitely see what we can do about making the sign-up/login experience less confusing. We will also do something about the login and the form response :+1:t5::muscle:t5:, let me tag my co-founder @Jidesakin.

The edit button is visible but you shouldn’t be able to save your edits to the guide. We exposed it because we were contemplating on making it possible for others to also contribute and create their own guides. We aren’t there yet though. We’ll work on hiding it. Let me tag my cofounder again cc: @Jidesakin.

Overall, I/we are really glad you liked it, please share the word, let’s help change and improve the way we learn :smiley:.


@MrASulaiman Thank you for the feedback! :muscle: We’ve released updates to fix the concerns you raised. Good to know you’re impressed with our progress so far. We are open to feedback that would help us serve you better. Cheers!


Great work so far. You guys are awesome.

I have new concerns and recommendations. I hope i’m pardoned for being too forward. The user experience still doesn’t seem straight forward and rather than stay mute, I think it’s fair I explain how I feel this can be best approached.

Please understand most people who may want to sign up for this learning paths will be newbies and may not have the patience to navigate through the present structure.


  1. I thought i’ll check out the fix you guys made and it seemed more streamline. Unfortunately I responded to the quiz differently, then I accessed the login page and rather than creating a new account, I entered my existing credentials. Turns out my previous learning path was overridden due to the new quiz I took.

PS. I was able to locate the page listing all my learning paths which is now six(6) courses instead of the default(3) courses recommended previously.

  1. I tried getting back in via another browser but couldn’t conveniently find a menu that takes me straight to the login page.

So what if my wife signs up on her laptop and due to some circumstance she decides to use my laptop to continue, the experience will be below par.

  1. After taking a new quiz, I should have been cautioned that I already have an existing learning path and then enable me decide if I wanted the new path added or declined.

  2. I am unable to switch between learning path while taking a course. There should be a menu to enable a student switch between the recommended learning paths.

  3. Lastly, every user has to be forced to sign up to avoid messed up cache and cookies, like I explained in second paragraph of number two(2). At the very least, a user can just enter email address without typing password to continue from where he/she stopped.

From my experience with how students like to interact with online courses, it would be best to modify the Career Fit page to look more like the mock-up below.