Kliqr: track your bills and finances


Since I shared my personal expense tracking spreadsheet, I get accosted by personal expense/finance developers all the time. The one I’m looking at currently is called Kliqr, and even though I’ve not gotten around to using it yet, I can already guess that it behaves a lot like Reach, which intelligently sorts your debit SMS alerts into coherent expense categories. A solution that works, if you’re okay with an app that’s able to look at your text messages.

Android download link is here.


Do you know any app(s) that can sort debit email alerts? I’ve somewhat automated my expense tracking using Airtable x Zapier x email debit alerts but I’m wondering if there’s an even more intelligent solution (that doesn’t involve sms alerts) :confused:


that Reach na scam…took a while for me to understand what was happening. i do not have sms alerts so the app was just blank, why not allow people to add manually???