Keke on the Run 2 (Beta) Reviews Wanted


Hi Everyone,

Long time no Post. Ever since my now (Infamous Uber AMA) See here I kind of Ran away from Radar, I still pop in Occasionally but not as frequently as I should.

So today’s request. My Baby Brother, builds games. He’s done it for a while now and has worked with a number of enterprises (read banks and architectural firms) on various projects, he runs his own game studio in Abuja.

The Studio is named Twin Crown Studios Ltd ( his first name is Adedeji, duh!) and I would really appreciate it if you play and leave a review.

Keke on the Run 2
You have been framed for a crime you did not commit, and now the angry mob and the police are after you, and your only get away vehicle is a keke…
_You have to drive, navigating your way through the Nigerian streets, evading potholes, fallen trucks, other drivers, and avoid running into the trees (yes they kill you too). _
Test your hand eye coordination and reflexes as you run from the impossible to reason with mob and cops, avoiding the dangers of the Nigerian roads
Do you dare attempt this run?
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Awesome app.

I love the music score. A melodious blend of African drums and 80s style midi tunes chiming in whenever the cars zoom by.

Re gameplay, it’s very smooth on iOS plus you can’t go wrong with the tried and tested Temple Run / Subway Surfers genre. Kudos to your baby brother.

I have two questions:

  1. To him - Does he / Twin Crown have a website?
  2. To you - Uber or Taxify? One word answer only, please :wink:


Niaja and Android sha…


Hi @techscorpion Thanks for responding, was feeling lonely here :slight_smile:

1.Twin Crown Website Yes Here -
2. Uber :smiley:


That doesn’t really look like a Keke.
That scenery- Smooth road, riverside, pretty houses does not look like one you would find a keke. Would appreciate a more localized scenery!

Kudos anyway.


Checked out the game on android and my initial impressions are that it’s pretty cool like the soundtrack as well!
Just realised I actually kinda knew your bro through mutual friends from uni. Helped to beta test the original Keke on the run back in the day. Glad to see he’s still at it.