Keen on HCD in Africa? Please check out UX Bantu!


Hi there - I am Steve, from and based in Cameroon. Really good to be here!

I currently lead the product team at, a classifieds platform for French-speaking Sub-Saharan Africa. I am quite sure it’s been long discussed here how challenging it is to build tech products on the continent, our case is not exception to that :sweat_smile:

I also curate UX Bantu, an email newsletter that showcases some of the minds, stories and thoughts on human-centered design across Sub-Saharan Africa. If keen on the matter, feel free to subscribe. Indeed, feedback always most welcome!

Very much looking forward to our conversations in here. Cheers!


Consider me signed up!


Much appreciated mate, looking forward to your feedback!


Great stuff Steve. I have been to UXBantu a couple of times.

Keep fueling it. Awesome


Thanks for the kind words mate. Have you considered subscribing to the email newsletter?
I guess you also noticed that you were in our 21st Issue 3 weeks ago! :slight_smile:


Excellent newsletter! I’ve been subscribed for quite a while now. I also had the pleasure of meeting @amarast on a recent trip to Cameroon so he’s good people :slight_smile:


You’re too kind, @yoowai. Thanks for bringing me here by the way, brilliant minds in here. Enjoying reading topics :slight_smile:


Yes I have already subscribed.

Oh! Yes I saw that - Thanks alot UXBantu -


I had the pleasure of meeting Amarast in person with @yoowai too and it was such a pleasure. The guy lives his craft!

I signed up immediately.


Hi @amarast welcome to radar. Greetings from buea. I had the opportunity of meeting you at the silicon mountain conference. Really nice to see u here.


@yoowai and @GbengaTotoyi next time u come to Cameroon, visit buea. We need more coverage by Cabal .


Thanks for the kind words @GbengaTotoyi :punch:


LOL! I am not an employee of Tech Cabal, although I’m a great fan of their work. I was in Douala on a totally unrelated project for a client. But since Radar is for everyone, you can always bring the necessary tech coverage from Cameroon to Radar :slight_smile:


Gotcha! I got a like from @lordbanks , so I think the message got through :wink:

Other note: Areedi sounds interesting. I can see it helping startups scale once they reach product/market fit.


@amarast, I’m so mad it took me a week to notice this, but it is real nice. How is the startup scene in Cameroon looking? The last time I heard from my research Cameroon had about 2 million Facebook users. Has that number gone up or down?


Exactly. That’s what we’re here for :slight_smile:


Thanks for your kind words @davidsmith8900! :slight_smile:
When did you carry out that research? FB users in 237 is still about 2M… So I guess it was quite recent?


By the way, @product_guy, you remember our conversation at SMCONF? I told you your product should fit in a service flow, and you needed proper service design to see where precisely it would deliver its best value to customers… Well, ping @yoowai with your stuff. She’s super busy but could have a word or 2 to help you steer your ship the right way.


Hi Folks - Steve here.

It’s been a year now that I have been curating UX Bantu. I really hope you guys find it relevant and enjoy reading it every Friday.

I thought I’d share the most important learnings from this first year:

Curious to know what you guys think? Thanks in advance!


Hi Steve!

Well done - I can’t believe it’s been a year since you started this! I, for one, look forward to the newsletter every Friday. Keep up the good work.