: Open Source Icons for your projects


Hi guys, compliments of the season, i just released the first version of an icon pack that i have been working on at , its a compilation of different icon design styles and african inspired emojis. Its a project that was inspired to have some African style/touch, i wanted to create icons that africans can relate to one way or the other and at the same time be used globally.

The project is more of a challenge to try different things as a designer and also to challenge myself to get better at my craft, most especially creating icons and illustrations of such with Figma, i was also able to pick up vue.js about two weeks ago to build the site myself, this way i believed it will also help me get to learn more about front-end development as i continue to work on the icons and improve on the site.

They say the best way to learn is actually by doing, it was a challenging, yet interesting and fulfilling experience all through.

Would love your contributions, suggestions and feedback as well. If you like the project and help star it on github

Link to the project on behance

Here are some images of the icons. Do check the site out.


Happy Holidays!


This is great work, are there multi-color options?


thanks bro,
NO, the idea is that users should be able to download the icons and customize as much as possible, you know to fit their brand guide or colors as they want in different projects, the icons are in svg formats, this gives room for any level of edits or modification as needed by the user.


Okay that makes total sense since it can be customized. Since you can achieve this, you might want to show a few sample modifications on the website so the users can have an idea of what is possible


I understand you perfectly, this is just a simple mvp, will be rolling out a more better site with more icons, better UX and enough information as to guide users on what can be achieved with the icons soon.

Thanks for your feedback and contributions.