Is Paystack new logo original? - Trouble makers, stir clear,


From day one when I logged into my Paystack dashboard and noticed the new logo, I totally fell in love with it. It felt so familiar and I couldn’t even pick out anything to criticize - that was weird. I also was one of the first to mentioned how grandly awesome it was here…

However, I stumbled on a thumbnail icon today while checking my mail and it got me thinking if Paystack’s new logo is ‘original’ or a “fragment of the designers’ retentive memory” or it was just convenient.
Below is Paystack’s new logo vs Word document attachment thumbnail within my mail.


Designers, let’s discuss and have some fun!!!

Disclaimer: The object of this post is to discuss designs and NOT to attack Paystack’s operations/technology/bragging rights/achievements… Stir clear, trouble makers.

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I think there are lots of variations btwn them. Seems original and looks like a “P” made up of “stacks”. Word’s logo just looks like the traditional align left symbol.

The Paystack logo is quite interesting too. I wish I could get a T-Shirt that has the logo printed on.


For me, what makes a good design is the story behind it and not necessarily the design itself.

Paystack has a beautiful story behind the design. You look at it, and you just get it!


Is anything original?

To me ‘original’ is subjective. Depends on who, what and where. What’s more important though, like henryC stated is the idea. Does it represent what the designer is trying to convey, and do people get it?


I think it also helps that we saw it conceived, watched the product and brand grow & evolve.