Introducing YYYYYYYYYY - Africa's largest this and that. Launching soon! This should end in 2017, please


I want to point out something for us all here very quickly.

This is as a result of what I observed on a WhatsApp group this morning, where someone introduced himself as “I’m xxxxxx by name. I’m the founder and co-founder of yyyyyyyyyyy, Africa’s largest freelance platform. Yyyyyyyyyyy is launching on 20th January, 2018”. Funkeee! Apostle must hear of this.

See eeh! I know everyone wants to be Nigeria’s No. 1, the biggest, the largest, the Fastest and all of the other mind capturing taglines.

I just want to advise us. You see, I think it’s very bad to start self-acclaiming that you are the biggest or the largest even when you have not launched. You have not tested the market; nobody has used your service or product, yet you have started claiming to be the biggest. Meeeen, that’s very disgusting, repellent and sickening in my own opinion.

That could be a good marketing prey but it can do more harm than good. I learnt recently from Neil Patel and Gordon Miller on Quora that it’s appalling to them, the investors.

I don’t want to make this so long, but my suggestion is this: instead of tagging your newly or yet to be launched startup the “biggest, fastest, Nigeria’s No.1, and the rest of the taglines”, use something like the most-promising or fast-growing, not fastest-growing o, biko. This way, you will be making sense bit by bit, and sooner or later, you will become the biggest you have dreamt of.

I wish us all Aspiring Startup Founders SUCCESS in all our future endeavours. Merry Christmas and Remain blessed!


Even “introducing John Doe - an app that helps you do stuffs” is enough.
Instead of “meet John Doe, the (first||best|fastest growing||etc) app that helps you do stuffs”.

God bless us as we enter 2018 and merry Christmas radar.


Is it your this and that ???