Introducing Timeout - the App that controls your App Addiction


Timeout is a service/App that enables you monitor and control App usage on your Android device. You can download the App and provide your reviews using this Play Store link:


Nice work brother. I need to focus.




Great concept. Good design. It doesn’t work though. What makes it different from the likes of AppBlock?


And how does your app really control app addiction? Did you do any research work in the science of addiction upon which you built this app? Because addiction happens from the brain. You should check out Dopamine Labs, a startup company founded by two guys with doctorates in the field of neuroscience and who have done extensive academic research on the science of addiction and the findings of which they have leveraged to build tools to increase app usage. Their new product called Space reverses this to help people have control over how long they spend on addictive apps


Anyway, we don’t need to discourage our brother here…


Hello. When you say the app doesn’t work, how do you mean? Were you able to successfully install it?


Thanks @pelij. Let us know how you found it?


Hi @Okaychukwu Timeout allows you to monitor how long you’re spending on your apps. In addition, you can set how long you want to spend on an App. Timeout monitors the usage in background and alerts you when you’re exceeding usage limit. Once usage limit has been exceeded Timeout locks you out of the app. Ťo regain access, you’re presented with options.
You really should try it out. Will be expecting your feedback


Successful installation. On opening the apps it was tracking, the timer didn’t start.


Hi @YoungSage, upon installation and selection of Apps to track, you have to indicate what amount of time you want to spend on each App. This is the basis on which Timeout monitors your App usage and provides control (based on your specified settings).

If you haven’t done that already, you can still do that by tapping on the tracked Apps in the Timeout dashboard. This will show you more information and an option to configure App monitoring using the gear icon. Hope that helps.


Hey @YoungSage, just realized I didnt answer your concerning your comparison to App Block:

While App block just allows you to block ‘distracting’ Apps for a limited duration, Timeout monitors your App usage and offers options limit the amount of time you spend on each App as well control access to those Apps when you’ve exceeded the allowed time.

Other features of Timeout include:

  • Daily Usage Report: that tells you how much time you spend on your device each day as well as the top ten most used Apps on your device for that day (regardless of whether you’re actively tracking them or not).
  • Calendar/History Feature: that shows your usage for each App over a period of time.
  • Usage Restriction: For times when you’ll like to focus, you can set times when Timeout restricts the usage of a specified App.

I’m sure you’ll get to experience the other features once you start using it. Looking forward to your feedback.


Hello @saliu74 have you used the App?


No sire. I haven’t but I will give it a trial.


This appears to be a great app. I tried searching for it on the google playstore, couldn’t find it till a google search led me here.

Great work


Thanks for the feedback Debo. I assume you’ve been able to download the App now. You can use the invite feature to let your friends know about it.

Here’s the download link again, Just in case;)


Hi there,

This app like I mentioned earlier has great potentials.

Some things of note.
-The tutorial shown on installation was helpful

  • There is no option for 0 min, For example to set 1 hr, 0min is not possible- Trivial but could be looked into.
    -I really do not see the need for an app usage monitor- android has one inbuilt, I believe the gold in this app is the restriction in usage of apps

-My first day with the app was great, The second was, well- not too good.


I discovered that once I exceeded my usage time, I could go back immediately and tweak it! I could increase my 30 minutes usage time for Twitter to 1 hour 30 minutes so easily.

I suggest you restrict the ability to change allocated time 2 days out. That is, since today is Saturday, I can only change the allocated time for Monday upwards. This because what this app seeks to stop is “impulsive” usage of applications.

In the meanwhile, you could check out “Offtime”, Its another app I use to control phone usage.

Great work though.


[quote=“DeboOloriade, post:16, topic:10653”]
This appears to be a great app. I tried searching for it on the google playstore, couldn’t find it till a google search led me here.
[/quote] :slight_smile:


Thanks @DeboOloriade for the well thought-out feedback. We’ll work on them.
Quick question, will you be happy to have the App lock you out without options once the usage time is up or you’ll prefer a more flexible approach?