Introducing - Nigeria's Largest Gadget and Accessory Mall launching this valentine


Good Day Tech buddies,

I would like to introduce a friend’s startup on radar tipped to be the largest online gadget and accessory store in Nigeria launching on valentine’s day. Awesome right?

Ferdicon has been one of the most selling gadget and accessories store on both konga & Jumia selling incredible phone cases, gadgets and accessories you barely see in the market(Computer village). Now the future is ripe enough to push ferdicon directly to the market niche. If linda can do it why cant he?

Ferdicon simply has a clear vision of dominating the gadget and accesories market in Nigeria and also provide quality and durable product collection that meets the heart of Nigerians.

Easily connect with ferdicon
Instagram : shopferdicon
Facebook : shopferdicon
Twitter : shopferdicon

Kindly checkout the website, give your clear suggestion & feedback and register to stand a chance of winning an Infinix HOT 4 Phone on any order purchased on

Why choose ferdicon for your gadget needs?

  • Free Delivery to anywhere in Lagos
  • Lowest Price ever on Phone & Computer Accessory
  • 50% Discount on all Products for 3 DAYS (14th Feb - 16th Feb)

Visit now and Apply
Check your email on Valentine for awesome deals.
Purchase any item between 14th Feb - 16th Feb to qualify


Is this really necessary?


@lordbanks this is actually my first time announcing a product on radar. So you tell me what do you think. It shouldnt be there?


I’m simply referring to the bogus “largest” trope. Is it necessary to sprinkle newly launched products with empty superlatives?

That aside, it is a pretty interesting pointer to the disintermediation that’s happening on Konga and Jumia’s marketplaces.


Thanks for the clear observation brother @lordbanks but sincerely ferdicon has been the overall best selling and also the largest gadget & accessories collection on both konga & Jumia.

Using the “largest” is not really a “wash” if you feel so or a bogus superlative but a clear fact.


I stand with @lordbanks on the largest keyword you mentioned. I’d like to state it here that I’m not hating but just saying my mind.

I visited the site but it was a subscribe that’s there. I guess you want to gather emails first and then contact people later. I didn’t even see the store, ready to sell products.

I pretty guess that to own the word largest in Nigeria, as prophesied by you, you have a lot of work to do.


I totally agree with you @nwaomachux but the reason you are still seeing a subscribe page is because is on a prelaunch mode and needs new subscribers which is launching tomorrow with over 500 product listings and it will grow as the month draws by. Nevertheless, is actually not a new comer within the gadget & accessory market in Nigeria, this move is a clear strategy to disintegrate their online store from konga and jumia to his main domain which still remains the largest gadget & accessories stores on both marketplace and
“Largest” is not a mere supperlative but in truth a well deserved one from the work the brand has achived so far and the intent to dorminate from his on domain. Thank you for the feedback @nwaomachux


No wahala. Let’s see how it goes. I wish you all the best


My brother… There’s nothing wrong in tagging your product ‘‘largest’’. It is and will always remain a better preference for marketing - I tell you, it does work in most cases.
So, I apprehend every bit of your assertion.


Hey @ubahbenson Good luck with your launch tomorrow.

However, when people say “Largest” what does it mean.
If you mean by volume of transactions, then it’s untrue because you haven’t recorded any transactions yet.
If it is by product offering, again untrue, because if you are launching with 500 product listings, you have a lot of work to do.
Regular outfits within your space have 10 - 15k SKUs on their websites.
If you are looking for a term of endearment to your crowd, I suggest you go with something that suggests growth in the near future like “most promising” or whatever.

Largest is not deserved yet.


sha sha i want to win infinix


Do you guys do phone repairs, if u do PM please.


@freshboi_Ekundayo lol…no phone repairs on maybe we might look at it later as we grow.




try Repair Am

  • Here ----> [quote=“ubahbenson, post:1, topic:10655”]
    I would like to introduce a friend’s startup

Here ---->[quote=“ubahbenson, post:13, topic:10655”]
we might look at it later as we grow.
Please who owns the company ?

  • The green color for the site theme is a bit eye straining


@O_niran i truely appreciate your feedback.

The company is owned by a friend… using "we " means i have also contributed in pushing the startup ahead. For the color! I have noted it down and would relate with the ferdicon team to see whether it will be edited in the long run.

Thank you onces more.