Interesting data about Nigeria payment space - from industry sources


Hi guys, we all know that the love of data, is the root of all great startup. :slight_smile:

Here are some interesting data and info about Nigeria payment space.

NUMBER ONE: An insightful interview with the CBN Deputy director on regulatory framework for cashless policy. If you found any of @PapaOlabode’s post on #fintech worth pondering, then you should read how the CBN plans to make some of those things possible.

Also included in this piece is VoguePay CEO’s interview of how he hopes to build a $5billion payment-driven company in 5 years (you will be surprised by what he revealed)

Then you get Paga’s cofounder’s take on mobile money in Nigeria.

Grab your copy of all 3 interviews

NUMBER TWO: NIBBS fraud report for 1st quarter.
Major Highlights: Attempts were made to steal N1B and N600M was stolen. 60% success rate of frauds. :cry:

Find out channels where most of this money was stolen from compared to online payment. In all honesty, this data makes me to be more cautious about the potential challenges with recurrent payment and other things associated with direct billing.

Grab your copy of NIBBS fraud report

NUMBER THREE: Key players behind online payment security in Nigeria.
These are the “6 vanguards of online payment security” in Nigeria. (according to the magazine)

Grab your copy of 6 trailblazers of online payment in Nigeria

Hope we all get better by learning and using the data to grow our business.

Most likely, you will spot an opportunity to take advantage of too.


UPDATE: The correct link of NIBBS report was added. Thanks to @Ralph for bringing this to my notice.


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FYI: The NIBBS fraud report is hyperlinked to the wrong document. You have a duplicate.


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Recurrent payments, Ha! My new nightmare.