Interested in Freelancing - Here is your Opportunity


So here’s whats new. Its
And if you are a Tech person, then you should join the Train. The model is simple - You create a Task, a service you are capable of rendering: Webdseign, Programming, Copywriting, Graphics and more.

Business and potential clients who need your service contact you, both parties agree terms and pricing.
Client pays, Quilance keep in Escrow till the Freelancer delivers. Client confirms receipt of work done. Freelancer get paid.

Registration is absolutely free. Remember its a two step process:

  1. First you join by creating a username on the platform
  2. Next you create a Task of what you can do.

Quick Advice:
Draft a good profile on your Bio.
Draft a good Task description, and make it look professional and catchy.

The rest is to monitor your email.
Read this short guide too.

You can get started here