, a nigerian version of airbnb


Read about this website in the newspapers this week .
3 things caught my eye

  1. The domain , simple catchy domain . I never thought such a domain could still be available
  2. Founder - Ubi Franklin , I kept on thinking that the name sounded familar till it hit me . ( Tekno , label boss, ) Reminds me of Don Jazzy foray to the start up scene.
  3. Similarity to airbnb

The website seems clean and good looking . I am also impressed that the live chat seems up even at 12:30 am ,

Disclamier - I am not associated with the website in any way



LMAO. They launched without knowing they’ve been hacked! Folks becareful
using your debit cards with the app o

This is what happen when people with no understanding of tech jump into it just
to make a statement.

I’m pretty sure they outsourced that thing to someone abroad and got burned.


The more you talk about this and dis associate yourself from the brand the more you sound less sincere :thinking:.


Explain please! Full gist now


Not connected in anyway . Its even now that i found out that the guy (ubi Franklin) is the same person behind InstantPick . Seems he is bullish on Internet related opportunities.