I'm looking for a developer to build a bespoke LMS for a higher institution


Below are the key features of the LMS, keep in mind these are very important.

  1. Anti - Malpractice. Anti - Malpractice Software prevents students from exploiting the electronic environment to cheat. Students shouldn’t be able to open other tabs or applications while doing a live test.

  2. Anti - Plagiarism. Anti - Plagiarism Software mitigates plagiarism of past college work and online sources. Submitted work is given a plagiarism score by this software. This is achieved by comparing the work with archived records. The College could allocate marks, such that the higher the plagiarism score the lower the student earns.

  3. Networking of Components. Networking of Software Components is a best practice, which ensures the accessibility, availability and easy integration of information.

  4. Electronic Archive of past College Papers, Service Papers and RICs. Electronic archive will provide data for knowledge retention, anti-plagiarism and research.

  5. Automatic Backup and Synchronization of Data. Automatic backup would ensure data is never lost. Whereas synchronization would facilitate auto-recovery If student computer/or any computer crashes.

  6. Notification System. A notification system facilitates prompt and efficient information dissemination. The timing for an event could change a few hours thereto and this change would be automatically pushed to concerned participants mobile/other devices.

  7. Multi - choice Exam Software. Multi-choice exam software ensures that a robust set of multi-choice questions is maintained.

  8. Content Management System. Content Management Systems (CMS) are suitable for managing large libraries of documents and media.

  9. Student Administration Module. - Bio-data of all students who have attended the college will be readily available.

  10. Course Management Module. Course Management Module ensures data and statistics of all courses are easily maintained and managed.

  11. Internal Messaging System. Internal Messaging System facilitates communications and information exchange.

  12. Forums. - One online forum each could be opened for: current students, past students amongst others. This would facilitate online networking and exchange of ideas with alma-mater.

  13. Multi - platform Development. Multi - platform development of software increases user engagement by providing multiple platforms for communication and information exchange. Desktop, web and mobile applications provide some of these platforms.

  14. Electronic Marking of Student Submissions. Electronic Marking Software would carry out initial marking of student work.

  15. Survey Software. Survey Software facilitates the creation and administration of surveys.


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Also, @Mykeels built an opensource university portal https://github.com/mykeels/college-portal, a while back, do check it out. It might already have what you need.


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