If you run an e-commerce store, Jump in on this thread


Inspired by the good folks at piggybank.ng

There’s a current feature on their site which I find amazing. Stories

For those who haven’t checked it out: it’s a simple display of customer reviews in a timeline. This makes a perfect use case for easily getting more lukewarm customers to try out their service. I think it’s brilliant.

Paystack also has a similar version called wall of love.

My assumptions are that this would be an interesting feature to have, if running an e-commerce store, allowing customers to quickly acquire trust in the service.

Ok so where am I going with this. I built something that allows you to add similar functionality to your existing e-commerce store. It’s not yet done, but Instead of building blindly, I want you guys. ( e-commerce folks on here) to try out the demo. The demo is hosted here: Craaser