If you love T-shirts - Here is a simple way to find good ones


Hello guys!

Fasho is a simple way to find unique/affordable T-shirts in your size.

Please check it out when you get a chance and let me know your thoughts. The plan is to be as easy to use as possible, so if something is out of place - let me know.

Thanks in advance.


Well here’s my advice - go all out with filters. Right now it’s so singularly focused on differentiating by size but I think people should be able to filter out “stripes”, “long sleeve”, “graphic”, “plain”.e t.c. You’re selling only t-shirts so go all out. Chances are people already know what they want to buy before they arrive so make it super easy for them to find what they’re looking for. Other than this, wehdone sir!


Thanks man. I really appreciate the feedback. I think you are right. I like the possible categories for filtering you mentioned. Are there any others you think will work?

Please let me know, Thanks again.


You’re most welcome. Well “pattern”, “v-neck”, “round neck”, “collar?”, and “button-up” come to mind but I’ll let you know if I think of anything else.


I have gone through your website. I suggest you make the site open to all without the initial barrier of size selection.

Allow users to see all T-shirts on display and later filter by size and other options as suggested by @Wells


The shirts are not available in all sizes and because of that, we decided to allow customers to select their size before diving into the catalog, instead of seeing a shirt you like and then realizing that it’s not available in your size.

What do you think? Still think we should blow out the categories?

AND Thanks for the feedback!


Aha. Those make a lot of sense, Thanks again!


Good thinking. I think you should leave it that way.


So it’s a hundred years later and i thought of something else. I noticed the recommendations i gave you could be summed up into 3: colour (red, blue, black, can’t believe i tried to list colours e.t.c), design (stripes, graphic, plain, pattern e.t.c) and structure (long-sleeve, short-sleeve, buttons, v-neck, round-neck e.t.c). So you could use these as primary filters and the previous suggestions as secondary filters - nested accordingly.

P.S: I know that “structure of a t-shirt” doesn’t sound like a normal thing to say but that’s what my brain came up with. So hopefully you understand what i’m talking about and you can change it if you like.

P.P.S: feel free to reach out if you need anything else.


Hey man, Thanks for the feedback. Your recommendations make a lot of sense. LOL"Structure" is great . I might need to come a with a word users will understand more easily. I’m thinking “type” should do just fine.

One more question though - if we were to add a new category and had to pick between shorts, chinos and jeans. Which would you go for?


Well, shorts. But that’s probably on account of me already having what I believe to be enough jeans and chinos.
I should also mention that I personally think it’s too early for you to diversify. I mean I obviously haven’t looked at your numbers or anything but it’s just a feeling, you know.
And one more suggestion, while you’re aiming to be the one stop shop for all things t-shirts (at least I assume that’s your aim) consider hopping on the customisation train. It blends right in and I’ll tell you something; I absolutely hate when someone else is rocking a tee I own + love and on account of this my recent purchases have been plain as vanilla - I’ll even avoid a simple chest logo. So customizations, you know, not a bad idea.

Again, all this is from the outside looking in so do what you feel is best for your brand.:v:


Hello Rotimi please send me an email Damilare at baffuponline dot com dot ng , i think i have something that can work for you