I work at NESA by Makers!



I’m Nneka Chile, the Community Manager at NESA by Makers.

NESA by Makers is a Lagos-based new economy skills accelerator with a mission to equip young people with skills they need to maximize their capacity and create value for themselves, their loved ones, and society at large.

We achieve this by ensuring our students learn software skills from practising professionals while helping them also build a portfolio of relevant work.

Our students who successfully complete this program are guaranteed a job placement to put the skills they’ve learnt to good use and start earning money as soon as possible.

We currently moved to Yaba in July and are accepting applications for our next batch of cohorts (Oct’17)

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What does this guarantee consist of and how does nesa guard against slackers?


This guarantee consists of a job placement for at least three months with one of our hiring partners based on your competence level after the programme.

Now, we have a stringent application process that helps us get the best students. It helps us get the diligent ones who are passionate about learning Web development. Also, we make sure all students are carried along during the learning process.


Are there any prerequisite skills required to apply ?