I just open sourced 'intouch


Around May 2016, it was 3 months since I gave up on a 9-to-5.
I had not programmed seriously in years as my job was more on the admin/projects/documentation side of tech (telecoms) but “ideas” hadn’t stopped flowing.
While I tried to survive deploying VoIP and surveillance systems, I started coding keepintouch; primarily to start sharpening my programming skills and because I thought I could pull off an SMS+Email communication solution for businesses.
It didn’t work out as planned but I haven’t stopped building.
Today, I open sourced the code for keepintouch. I still have the application on heroku - let me know if you want to see a working demo.
I’ve learnt a lot since 'intouch and I’m as proud of the spagetti in there as I a am of the goods I cook today.
https://github.com/dedayoa/keepintouch. enjoy!