How to Create a Cartoon Avatar Profile Image


Hi All,
As a newbie designer, i have one question. I see alot of cartoonize avatars these days, i’m stuck on how to get one for myself. I know this may sound awkward, but i really need to do it. Anybody willing to share this info(secret) with me will forever remain blessed.


You’ll get a lot of results when you search your mobile app/play store for Emoji Maker. My favourite is Bitmoji by Bitstrips.


iOS -

Android -


There are a bunch of free online services to let you “build” a face. I used to use one of them. I think it was called Mangatar or something. My current one was made by taking a selfie, tracing that selfie in AI, and smoothening things out.



Thank you all, i think i found one.


Do you mind dropping the name?


As skweiRd suggested, Mangatar.


Alright. :thumbsup:


If you can spare $5 this babe will give you an awesome piece.


Why not learn to design them yourself?


One needs to evaluate his time these days, $5 @ 320 = N1,600, you will need about 20 hours to learn and another 20 to design and still it won’t be a professional work. Outsourcing menial job create time to be a lot more productive.


I use to think about this too. But where the extramoney


My friend N1,600 is no longer money in Nigeria ohhh


Order one from Sketchy Pub - Sketchy Pub - Custom Hand Drawn Profile Avatars