How much do you charge as an App Developer


Most of us do not have an idea of what it would cost to have a professional developer build a mobile app.

Developers in the house, can you share your pricing formula? We need to know as it would help some of us with some cash to spill out.

Share your estimate

Developers, our bags and the exit door?

I’m not an app developer, but I would say the correct answer is “it depends”. How complex is the app? Does it need fancy features vs. just a basic app? How much of the developer’s time will it take? How experienced is the developer?

I can’t imagine that anyone would be able to give a blank estimate or an exact pricing formula without having more information about your needs.


I do this for my own projects,

  1. estimate project hours based on feature request using ->
  2. then using average asian hourly rate of $30per hour,
  3. apply a 50% discount giving $15
    $15 = NGN3,000 average hourly rate for an intermediate developer.

When you combine 1 , 2 and 3 above you arrive at total project hours (*developer)

granted there are many other factors that contribute to pricing.


List out all the features of the app first. Then I’ll tell you how much I am going to bill you per feature.


Depends on the developer’s experience, app requirements and time required to completed the task.


It’s a simple formula. How much you charge per hour multiplied by total number of hours spent to develop the product.


It seems the number of hours spent on a job matters most to a developer. Trying to deduce from all responses so far.

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Bro. I just used your calculator for a phonegap rss app with push notifications. the estimate was $24,000(=N=7,680,000) at 320Naira to a dollar. All I can say is…“God bless your hustle”


Amen and God Bless yours as well.


The app web calculator counts according to the formula of Measurement of App prices = hourly rate*development.
Also the price depend on platform that the app be built on: Web services or Mobile app
Try to use some app calculator and to see how it works. For example - App calculator at Inoxoft


This will help. Of course it will also show how unpaid we developers are in Nigeria because there’s no money or employers simple don’t want to pay.