How do you export sketch designs to HTML?


UI/UX Designers, please How did you export sketch design to HTML? I mean if you finish design your mobile or desktop sites how did you execute it to HTML files?

I just start using Sketch on my laptop and i wants to know how to execute this please, thanks


Personally, I open my editor and start writing HTML/CSS from scratch (and this is why I don’t really like to make static mockups - you put a lot of effort into something that’s not reusable).

If you’re looking for an automated process, I found a few links:

  • Launchpad Sketch plugin
  • A plugin by mludowise
  • UIPad (apparently a magic button that converts Sketch files into HTML)
  • A native Sketch solution - helps you export CSS

I hope this helps a bit.


Thanks a lot, i will check it out!