How do Nigerian Businesses Handle Call Queuing


We’re looking to setup a call queuing system (a system where incoming calls are placed in queues to be answered by the next available agent) and I was wondering how other businesses in Nigeria setup theirs.

Do they use an API telephony service like Twilio/Fonenode or do they use an Automatic Call Distribution software with a special type of hardware? Also, if you’ve setup one in the past, what’s the price range like?


Take a look at this article by @mark.
I hope it helps


Wow! That’s some complex setup. Anything simpler?


Here’s your simpler method:

Set “When busy” to ON on the user-facing phone number (Line 1). Then set your Line 2 as the number to forward to. Do a similar thing on Line 2 (forward to 3), and so on.

It’s a hack, but it might work. :slight_smile:


If you are tech savvy, you can do it the hard way, using elastix (runs on Asterix):

If you just want something simple, then use MTN Call Assist:

Good luck


@StephenAfamO, @Diakon, @kananga Thanks for your suggestions.


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