How Do I Change My Life With 1000 dollars



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First of all, education is to get you educated, not to give you a degree. Going to Uni is good, obviously, but it’s main purpose is to get you educated (read, write, digest complex articles etc) and from your write up as many have commended and also your ability to follow a complex forum like Radar, you seem pretty educated to me (as educated as the average Nigerian graduate, at least).

Second, you’re 25 and broke with no skill whatsoever! So? Many of us, even the graduates, were broke and directionless at 25. Actually, it is very normal for a young man to be broke. What is not normal is for a young man to be driving G-Wagons. Unless he’s a fraudster or a robber (which is bad) or his father is rich (which is not by his effort), it’s very unlikely a young man will be that successful. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, I’m just saying where you are right now is very normal. Even Jason Njoku, one of Nigeria’s most celebrated entrepreneur was broke, busted and disgusted (as they say) living with his Mom at age 30 before he founded one of the most successful startups in Nigeria. All you need is a good head on your shoulder and a strong will to hustle (which it seems you already have).

However, it’s the fear that will get you. I think most startup founders live with that fear. The fear of failing and dying broke. It’s what creates depression in founders and finally overcomes most of them. There’s currently a Radar thread on depression among founders. You should read it. It will help you realize your fear is very common. Your ability to tune out that fear or hide it very well (if you can’t tune it out) is part of what makes you a good founder.

Finally, if you startup a business with the $1000, odds are that you’ll lose it. Again, this is a general rule. There are exceptions, but the default is that you’ll lose it (or at least, most of it). This is because, for some reason, you tend to learn in startups by making mistakes. And those mistakes usually costs money. But if you still want to start up something, and you don’t have an idea, I advise you read Foundo’s Business Basics. It will help you.

Summary: don’t be too stressed out. You don’t have any special disadvantage. You are only one good idea away from success, just like the rest of us.

PS: You can contact me at if you need help with your business idea.


OP is not broke… his comparing himself to other people… that’s his problem…

No one ever gets educated bcos education is a never ending process… the main purpose of Uni is to get a degree and learn about social life.

In my opinion, OP’s story is BS

What u can’t deduce from his post is that he already knows making money is a skill, but to get the skills he needs a method(an idea or many ideas). A better job will be helpful but the OP wants financial independence. he wants someone to tell him a method that already works.

His very smart cos only smart people ask questions, try their best to absorb other people’s knowledge and most important of all - humble themselves…

these points can help him


OP mentioned wkyo, after hours of me waiting for wkyo to show… he was a “no show”, so I decided to bait him. Once he took the bait it was hilarious…