Hiring Remote Frontend & Backend Developers (UK Company)


EnterpriseApps UK is a software agency registered in the United Kingdom. We have been building bespoke Web, Mobile and Cloud Applications. We also specialise in Security solutions.

EnterpriseApps UK is currently seeking remote designers and developers across Africa. We have been following the sporadic technology development surging within Africa. We are happy to receive applications and interest from young Front-end and Back-end Developers with at least 1 year (entry/graduate level) and 3 years (expert level) of experience.

Our Stacks

  1. JavaScript - MEAN stack plus Ionic Framework
  2. Python - Django Framework
  3. Database: RethinkDB, GraphQL, MySQL and MongoDB
  4. Platforms: Amazon AWS, Heroku and Microsoft Azure
  5. Containers: Docker and Vagrant
  6. CI/CD: GitHub, Heroku, Travis and Chef
  7. Collaboration: Skype, Trello, Slack and Office 365
  8. Lots of coffee, pizzas and EA Games

Depends on your skills and experience.
£15/hour (Entry Level)
£35/hour (Expert Level)

To apply, send us links to your GitHub or BitBucket (and any other repository) and/or Design portfolios anywhere online.

Send these details to: team@enterpriseapps.uk

For more information about EnterpriseApps UK, visit http://www.enterpriseapps.uk


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