Hi.We Just Built A Free Facial Recogniton Web App For Tracking Missing People


If you lost a loved one or have found someone who seems to be lost , be it a child or an elderly person.

The first issue should be reuniting them with their loved ones. Now the truth is that technology is far more effective & practical than printing out hundreds of posters and sticking them around telegraph poles & gates of houses as it is almost impossible for anyone to manually go through hundreds or thousands of photographs on social media & offline posters .

As a result of the problem above we just built "Spotted"

Spotted is a web based application that uses Facial Recognition Technology & Artificial Intelligence to find Missing Children, Unidentified Accident Victims & Victims of Human Trafficking

Our approach uses technology to match people that might have been lost in one end of the earth to a similar submission of a found person in another end of the earth, it also does that with way more accuracy than a human eye does.

The Spotted Web App relies on Crowdsourced information & photos fed by users into our database to function. Pretty much we intend on having a community of people helping each other find their loved ones.

To use the platform,

  1. You Upload an image of a missing or a found person onto the platform

  2. Our App then Identifies the distinct features of the face in the photo &
    then matches the face with identities in the databases tagged as missing or found that were uploaded by users

  3. The App then returns photo pairs of similar faces if there is a match. It shows the level of accuracy of compared image(s) and marks them in the database

4.The contact details of the person who uploaded the image of the missing or found person is then provided to the person searching , so they both can communicate with each other.

If you have lost or found someone be it a missing child , unidentified accident victim or someone lost in a strange place due to child trafficking reporting to the police is a good first step but also uploading a profile of your findings might be a good second step.

Do create a profile on www.whospotted.me and the if there is a match of a similar search being made then maybe your goodwill can help you out.

Also if you think you can add any value to what we do or you have any valuable feedback do let us know on here or feel free to follow us on twitter @whospottedme or shoot us a mail on info@whospotted.me