Hi, I'm Gbenro Ogundipe, Uber Partner/Driver, Ask me Anything


Hi @Fortress2010 I apologize I seem to have skipped this question. Thanks for asking, I cover the devices, the data is listed as an expense, so it’s deducted before profit sharing typically 3-5gb should do for a month.

Once again I apologize for skipping your question


Many thank you for hosting this AMA. I’ve recently heard that drivers in Nigeria have found a way of bypassing the Uber system. How true is this? and what do you think will be the possible effects in the future if this is not curtail quickl?

Also, from experience, the Uber customer care has been terrible, a friend recently stopped using Uber when they couldn’t resolved his payment complaint.Have you had cases of customer complains? If YES how efficient did Uber go resolving such complain?

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  1. Please what is the average wait time between a drop-off and a new pickup for your drivers?

  2. What do you think is the biggest risk to every partner ? Do you imagine a situation where the system becomes saturated with so many cars that drivers will have to wait for several hours before getting rides? If this was to happen, do you have a contigency against this?

  3. Do you have dedicated drivers to specific cars, or do you run a shift system that gives drivers the time to rest, but keep the cars constantly on the road?


Hi @Comsol Thanks for reaching out. I most certainly doubt there is an Uber ByPass, its either the driver is online or not. If you have more information please share.

I had hoped to avoid a situation where I would speak to Uber’s flaws. I have also had a number of complaints with the Uber Customer care, the Customer Care system is designed for an Ideal world. The Nigerian system is less than ideal as such there is always a lot of frustration. I must confess that its improving though.


Hi @Easibor , Thank you for your questions.

  1. I think about 10-20 mins in Abuja depending on where the Drop Off took place.
  2. Wear and tear really. Most times you see a car get run down very quickly by drivers who have no sense of ownership. I doubt the system would ever get that saturated, in 2 months we have seen partners exit and new ones join, what would likely happen is that normal laws of demand and supply would apply and create some sort of equilibrum.
  3. I do dedicated drivers, my friend runs shifts, whatever works for you.


Well, this was interesting. Thanks for a great AMA @gbenro, and thanks to everyone who asked questions. See you next time.


Hi Gbenro, thanks for this session.

I am really interested in the profit part. The 40k - 100k profit, is it after salaries and all expenditure have been deducted? Just to be clear.


@gbenro good day, Please can you refer companies/ groups that offer opportunities to aspiring Uber drivers who do not have a car


Hi @Tade Thanks for asking, Yes thats the profit. after everything.


HI @b_soye I am on twitter with the Same name @gbenro. I am an Admin in the Uber Partner group in Abuja, if you are serious about Driving send me a DM


@gbenro I hope its not too late to ask questions…

From you experience so far, do you see any difference in your revenues between an UberSelect Car and an UberX ?

From my research, one may spend as much as N1million more between a car suited for UberSelect ( newer than 2012) and one suited for UberX (newer than 2006). Do you think the extra income (if any) on UberSelect justifies this extra N1million investment?


Its too Late! I kid @Easibor, thanks for the Question. I honestly dont know because we dont have UberSelect in Abuja. That being said. The newer the Car the better the Gas Mileage so I would recommend you get the best you can afford. It will also factor in the Ratings. I personally dont have any car older than a 2010.


Hello Pst @gbenro is Uber in Abeokuta?

asking for a friend

And kudos to the Uber team, saw what they did to Nuli Juice… I love brands that help brands!!! :wink: :raised_hands:


Great help you have voluntary given here Gbenro. Thanks for that.

My question is, How do you manage riders who wants to pay with their ATM cards after a ride? I know payments is possible right on the App but some obviously would want to pay after a ride or use an ATM card not saved on the app. Uber Drivers/Partners do not have POS devices, so how do you usually handle this scenario? Always drive them to the nearest ATM spot?


@gbenro Good morning, and weldone for hosting this AMA.

  1. Can you email me a draft agreement you sign with your drivers? I am also not confident that drivers will deliver. Plan to reward based on effort for now.

  2. Can you recommend a driver to me in Lagos?

Look forward to your response please.


And for how many cars. Is this a partner value for 1 car or 2 cars?


@gbenro Can you share a sample of your agreement? suyisegun@gmail.com


Is Uber still profitable in Lagos? And can one join Uber as a partner with full-sized sedan like Toyota Highlander 2005 model? I am looking forward to joining as a Partner.