Hi, I'm Gbenro Ogundipe, Uber Partner/Driver, Ask me Anything


Hello Mr. Gbenro,

Thanks for doing this.

As a partner, do you have an idea when if they would be expanding operations to the oil city of Port Harcourt?

My other questions have already been asked though I would ask more.


Hi @FatherMerry, Thanks for your Question, I dont have cabs in Lagos (yet?) I however have friends in Both Cities, the Cities differ, (IMO) there is kinda a larger difficulty in getting good quality drivers in Lagos so I prefer Abuja.
Also Wear and Tear from Bad ROads is Less in Abuja


Hi @Ari_Biton, Thanks for the Question,
After a Cut Off Sometime last year, Uber started to Take 25%, Partners before then paid 20%. So For me and Almost everyone I know its 25%


So essentially, Uber drivers get 75% of the fare? :thinking:


Hi @SeyiTaylor, Thanks for the Question, Kinda the most important one innit?
Uber Pays weekly. How it works is that the Business week ends at 4am on Monday. You can always see your sales on the Partner Dashboard, By Tuesday you get a report showing how you did adding your Sales to Incentives you might have qualified for. On Thursday you get an Alert in your Bank account.
Your Drivers are your Cash Collectors. So you have to work out how you get the Cash from them.
Uber makes you take the full Cash from Riders. At the end of the week Uber takes their Percentage from what ever Card Transactions or Incentives you might have accrued. Its a lot of Algorithmic Voodoo Maths. But I have never seen or heard Partners or Drivers owing Uber…
Uber Staff Stress to you that Uber NEVER asks for or takes Cash from you


Hi @Kenechuckwu, Thanks for the Questions.
This is a sensitive question in that Partners are always hesitant to share how they keep and retain good staff. As with every sector in Nigeria, there is a dearth of Sensible, Trustworthy, Well-spoken Staff. Driver Poaching is not uncommon.

1.I have an agreement you have to sign before we start, I also create an environment where people feel comfortable to share,so if you have challenges you can share. I try to share the stats on Sales, Acceptance, ratings with all the Drivers weekly. Some of my Drivers have Masters. I also encourage my drivers to try and get their own cars, my hope for them is that they do well so that kinda translates as well.

  1. Yes, I have, my Drivers also have. I try not to focus on the Negatives.
    A lot of riders throw a tantrum when you tell them they cant eat/smoke in the car, but its a cool
    I have given rides to a couple of Nigerian Celebrities, was great, funny thing is when I picked up a popular Nigerian Musician, I didn’t even recognize him. We had a good ride, it was my driver who picked him next who told me who it was.
  2. Well, Vehicle Servicing and Data Costs compete for the title of Biggest, Maintenance is leading now sha.


Hi, thanks for holding this very informative session.

  1. My question is how much control does UBER have over the vehicles and specification?
  2. Are owners allowed to modify the vehicles. For example if you were to place a ad banner on the side of the vehicle?
  3. Do you have a platform for partner or is that not something UBER shares? Anticipating your response.



Hi @PapaOlabode, Thanks for the Questions:
*the Number one thing is actually 2 things, most important things to know and get are 1. A good fuel efficient Car 2. A good reliable Driver.
*Weirdest thing, is kinda ongoing, getting propositioned by young ladies, one actually asked me to show her the ring, how long I had been married etc. Asked if I had a single siblings, lots of personal questions, ended up giving me her CV and taking a Church IV.


Hi @Akindolu, thanks for the question, despite the rosy projections from Uber, you clear 40-100k NGN a week in Profit as a partner every week ceteris paribus.
If you have the time to drive yourself and you use your own Car its a lot more.


Regarding data cost - Do you cover this or the drivers? Is it not possible to get a package deal from the 3g providers?


Hi @FemiPhoenix, Thanks for the Question
Erm, the most crucial thing has been building the Business to work without incentives. When Uber Comes to a new city, they typically spoil you with incentives to the point where you feel its magic money. I had to train and retrain myself and my staff to look at the business as a core first and ensure that its profitable before incentives.
Actually this has been the reason why a number of people come in and get discouraged.

Well I don’t speak for the entire community and as a result no press questions, but the question I get the most is the comparison of the invitation bonuses to the Multilevel Marketing Schemes.
Just FYI, If you register as a partner, for every Partner or Driver you invite, after 20 trips you get a bonus of 40k NGN. This however differs from other schemes because you deliver a tangible measurable Internationally recognizable service. I hope this makes sense


Hi @Gabe Thank you for your question.
In church Circles, anytime someone asks for a friend he /she is talking about himself/herself.
Jokes aside I think the Accent, the Corolla and the Rio are some of the best Uber X Cars, I think this is a good purchase. Your Delivery question however sounds like a Lagos kind of Scenario where the Partner has little to do with the running of the car, the driver just brings an agreed amount every week. My Lagos friends do this and get between 35 and 50k a week depending on year and vehicle ‘neatness’


@gbenro thanks for the answer. What’s the weirdest thing that has happened to you driving an Uber?


Hi @Delurge, thanks for the easiest question, You go to Partners.Uber.Com Or Just Use this link to sign up: http://ubr.to/1S2Y16p (Full Disclosure, I get a bonus if you sign up with that link)


@SeyiTaylor thanks for putting this IV up. Great platform and appreciate it. Will message you on twitter.


@gbenro some people buy a car for the sole purpose of Uber. In your own rough estimation, how long would it take to recover the money spent?


Hi @CoderWithAttitude Thanks for your Question, I think its Cordial.
I have a relationship with all of them that predates and overshadows the Employer employee relationship. As a result I think its fine. I can trust them.
Most common issue is Accidents, when they have Fender Benders they are very sad cause the repair time cuts in their money making time.
Splitting returns is a funny way to put it but I pay a Commission based on earnings. So My drivers get paid s percentage of our profit according to how much effort they put in.
Depending on how much time you have you can create a system that works for you.


Hi @koohjoe THank you for your Questions,
Firstly, Uber Mandates you to Have Comprehensive insurance, this covers you in the event of an accident.
Uber does not officially Mandate any Insurance Provider, however, there are providers in the Uber Nigeria Market Place that other Partners have used.
As with all purchases you need to find the best deal for you. I use a Broker to get me the best rates available.

I am a Jovial Person, so funny situations arise every ride, one funny situation was me picking up a frequent rider and his girlfriend, I arrive and she is so excited to see its me she gives me a hug, Boyfriend proceeds to mope till I drop them off.

On the Buhari Administration, I like everybody am stuck between being Patient and pointing out what is obviously wrong. So sometimes I feel we are moving forward, sometimes I don’t. In Short I don’t know jare.


HI @SolaOni, thank you for your questions, its a business decision YOU need to take, also depends on the Drivers, Some Drivers don’t have the stamina or capacity to handle such a system. I have friends who do it, Drivers like it because they can use the cars as they like, all that is important is that you get your weekly cut.

I am personally doing the Uber with Drivers now. Might move to the Other Model with Drivers that show they can deliver later.


Hi @Gbenro, How much do you spend on Fueling weekly on an average…