Hi Guys, I'm Ferdinand Ezeaniekwe founder of Ferdicon.com. Ask me anything


@henryekeocha Sorry for the late reply :slight_smile:

  1. First I source some of my goods directly from manufacturers and most time pricing may not really be a big deal for me, but I try to look at the product, the quality and the set of people who actually needs that product before setting the price. For instance, I cannot set the price for iPhone & Tecno Case to be the same. I believe you understand :slight_smile:

  2. We offer discount coupon when you subscribe to our newsletter and we try to sell items in bundles at a lower price

  3. Instagram really good especially when it comes to products with details.


@faulkedodo sorry for late reply :slight_smile:

This is good for pay on delivery orders, be sure I will contact you and see how we can implement that on our platform. Thanks:+1:


Above all, I love your patience and articulate response to every question.

I will send you a direct message. Now that you are on this platform, I believe communicating with you will be way easy and fast.


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