HELP! Reliable Email marketing service in Nigeria


Hello radarians please I need suggestions on reliable email marketing and sms marketing agencies here in Nigeria, a friend is about to launch a service and he needs suggestions on the ones to use to advertise . Thank you

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My friend leads operations at
i don’t work there but they are very reliable.


For SMS, we are available-
PS: I work there…


I can manage your SMS and Email marketing campaign not just because of the great content i and my team will create for you, We also have a database of Emails and phone numbers of very active Nigerians that we will direct your campaign to, chat me up 09059178533(whatsapp/call)
PS: i work for


For SMS, try :

For email marketing, PM me so I can share with him how I generate/capture leads, set up my funnels, automations etc


For sms try there are certain automation benefits you’ll get here. You can try configuring amazonSES for your email marketing


Undeniably smooth sms and email marketing platform in Nigeria. With the best reporting and very good price.

MeboSMS -
MeboMail -