Great (or at least - Good!) African Curation? Please Share


As we all know, there’s too much information everywhere.

That it becomes almost impossible to actually know what’s worth your time. So knowing what to: read, eat, visit, know, drink, listen to, etc becomes a nightmare - especially African relevant content.

So what works really great is a carefully curated list that breaks through the noise. 2 examples that readily comes to mind are TC Daily and 3 percent music - takes care of Tech g̶o̶s̶s̶i̶p̶ news and Afro Music respectively. UX Bantu also appears to be a good one (just subscribed!).

So if you’re curating a list or know of any great one - please share.


P.S Ehh…I know a lot of companies have good copywriters/content marketers. I appreciate the thought - but not looking for those.


Eat drink Lagos. Eating through the struggle, so you don’t have to. Especially in this economy.


Thx @lordbanks! This is probably one of the best examples.

BTW, do you know of any good movie curation lists? Surely like food, the abundance of movies means it would benefit from curation…Or maybe @ukay can help?


I like the approach


Thx @FreakiChinedu …the site looks very uncluttered which is good. But it’s not curation per se - instead cinema listings (which is useful!). So in this case, I don’t know if the movies are worth going to watch.


The days of me writing movie reviews…

Guess this is the cue I need to get back in the game.


Context and Curation then

Not sure there’s actually anything for now

Maybe you build one /// :slight_smile:


I will definitely be curating something of some sorts - but not movies. Seems like so much can be done.

Now for movies, the only reason I mentioned that is because this is perfect for curation! Just like food, there’s so much of it around, but not necessary all of great quality.

And we have quite a few movie/music startups here on Radar so maybe this is an interesting angle to consider. Or not.


Maybe curate fintech or payments? :slight_smile:


Funny, a friend of my wanted to curate Christian movies (but instead he changed course and went on to start the first online community radio in Lagos/Nigeria) so I was excited for NList when it “launched” on Radar

I think NList will benefit greatly from this model.

Shame on TP’s commenting plugin that “deleted” my comment due to their site upgrade. I left the comment on this post (here is the image)

Just like others shared, TechCabal Daily (thanks @SkweiRd) and EDL ( thanks @Nosaaaa) are two solid ones.

I think anyone that want to do this must figure out the revenue model too (except if it is just a hobby though). Maybe that is why not too many people are in the space.

Some revenue model that could help

  1. Organize events.
  2. Sponsorship of the mails/banner placement.
  3. Recommend products/affiliates/ticket sales e.g (Movie guys can “kick @Jason_Igwe_Njoku to submission” and send him traffic as affiliate).

@Nosaaaa is an expect on this, so he should school us :slight_smile:


Lol, too boring for me…


Music -


Your screenshot comment is on point! Although I think iroko from your example might not be keen on this approach. Simply because they would need to include other movie studios, to be believable. So something like NYT NOW which was owned by NY Times - but curated news from other publications.

Hence why it’s perfect for anyone that wants to build an audience first. Because if done well, it’s a great way to gain eyeballs. And then monetisation (like your ideas) can come in.


Please, if you guys are curating stuffs, someone should please curate great books. I think I have up to one free hour in my daily routine and the things I don’t know can fill a universe. So please, someone should help a brother out.


If I build a service around this , will you pay for it?

The service will curate the best content from different websites based on your interest , and send them to you as a newsletter daily or weekly (your choice).

So instead of subscribing to multiple newsletters , you only have to subscribe to one and get the best content from different websites in your topic category.

I actually had this idea since 2014 but I didn’t think anyone will be interested.


Do you really think content creators would be interested in that?


I don’t see why they wouldn’t because the service will provide more visibility to their content.


I, for one, wouldn’t like your service. I’m pretty sure there are others like me too. If I can’t control how my distribution channel works/looks, i want no parts. A better approach would asking content creators to join your platform rather than simply taking their content and distributing it without their permission.


Try autotelic


Thanks a lot @StephenAfamO. Just subscribed.

Any idea where I can buy the already recommended books? Amazon is looking like some long things right now.