Global Azure Bootcamp 2018 Holds in Nigeria


Global Azure Bootcamp 2018 is a “free one-day global training event on Azure, from the community to the community”. According to the website, each “user group will organize their own one-day deep dive class on Azure.” Each event is driven by local Microsoft Azure community enthusiasts and experts and comprises technical content, sessions, and labs. The result is thousands of people learn about Azure and anyone in the technology community can advance their cloud knowledge.Global Azure Bootcamp

Global Azure Boot Camp is an event that takes place at the same day all over the world showcasing cloud solution provision called Azure (Global Azure from here on out) started as an offhand comment at the 2010 MVP summit. Someone said, These events are meant to introduce developers to Azure and the opportunities this cloud platform brings. Most of these normal Azure Boot Camp events are run by user group leaders. Naija – Azure boot camp is just a replica of what is obtained at all the centres all over the world.

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